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Poems from the category „Everyday Life“

Please choose from 104 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
1:50 AMMaddiie Vali05/11/2013
A Bunch of FlowersIrene Beddies06/15/2014
- 3 -
A CLEAR CONSCIENCERay Boorman03/04/2011
- 1 -
A DIOS QUE ME ASISTE CADA DÍAVicente Gómez Quiles09/25/2011
A Gourmet's JourneyIrene Beddies05/06/2012
- 1 -
A new dayAdalbert Nagele04/09/2015
- 10 -
A poem to writeJasmine Shaw05/25/2009
A un rostro cualquieraMaria Teresa Aláez García03/01/2009
adventure in the rainAva Gaston09/04/2012
ALL I DOJoshua Akinwande03/31/2012
ALWAYS A CHAMPIONJoshua Akinwande03/30/2011
An Evening in CompanyIrene Beddies04/21/2012
angelRobert Fischaleck05/27/2010
- 1 -
Approaching WintertimeIrene Beddies11/09/2016
- 2 -
ASI VIVIMOS VIVIENDOJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez11/11/2010
BENEATH THE WAVESRay Boorman06/07/2016
BillyChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff05/10/2009
- 5 -
Blues 2, azulMaria Teresa Aláez García07/09/2008
boathouse seasonsIngo Baumgartner11/26/2013
- 2 -
Buy, buy LoveJörg Dahlbeck02/20/2009
Camino tropezando en los cristales de los días.Maria Teresa Aláez García02/06/2009
CAMPESTRE AMIGAJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez10/23/2010
CatGerry Shorey10/03/2010
Cielo de papelXavi Lechuga12/26/2009
CompliquationLennart Hamann03/02/2010
ConsejosGiovanni Olivera08/23/2014
CONVIVIENDO CON LA NIEVEJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez11/09/2010
Cross the lineSusanne Bruschke08/19/2008
DANZA EN LA CHOZAJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez09/08/2010
DAY and NIGHT´Joshua Akinwande04/11/2012
Dear.Mauchian Saunders03/19/2010
DefiancePeter Ahlhorn09/01/2013
DelayIrene Beddies04/06/2012
- 2 -
DesayunoTima Smail05/29/2012
Don't Tell Me Who I AmMaddiie Vali04/26/2013
DOÑA MARÍALourdes Pérez Nëel05/21/2010
Een paar kleine dingenJustine Knolle12/03/2008
El Negro PescadorJose Alvarez11/04/2015
El sueño pisotea los párpadosMaria Teresa Aláez García04/04/2009
EN UN JARDINJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez01/21/2011
En algún momento.Maria Teresa Aláez García08/22/2008
Eulogy on a FlyIngrid Lehmann05/05/2010
Fall in my TownIrene Beddies10/05/2016
- 3 -
FALSE SPRINGRay Boorman01/11/2012
FOR THIS THINGTilman Otto Wagner08/28/2013
Forgotten PagesAmberlee Hampton02/04/2009
- 1 -
Gens de peu, gens de rienPatrice Faubert07/28/2014
GONE IN A FLASHRay Boorman03/08/2011
GostoFlavio Cruz10/02/2015
Hoy a las cincoMaria Teresa Aláez García01/15/2009
I Dress & Feel My Best.Mauchian Saunders03/26/2010
I WISH I COULD BELIEVERay Boorman03/01/2011
in a town that was so littleInge Hoppe-Grabinger05/31/2015
- 2 -
In an early morning (poem of a moment)Bernhard Pappe07/26/2014
- 2 -
In the Mediterranean SeaMaddiie Vali05/07/2013
INMENSIDAD SALVAJEVicente Gómez Quiles08/10/2013
IrisGillian Emerson04/19/2013
JadedArne Bister12/02/2008
la ultima cena...De cada díaSergio Lubel07/07/2015
le petit vendeur de crabesR.N. Rodrigues06/16/2008
- 1 -
Les gensPatrice Faubert03/06/2016
LifeLeon Heuchert01/10/2010
Logique paraphysiquePatrice Faubert11/01/2014
Love GivesDorsey Baker06/09/2011
Mon île!Diane Frost09/15/2009
More or lessJürgen Wagner02/11/2016
MORE THAN GOLDJoshua Akinwande03/04/2011
Nature´s homeMohd Salman03/11/2011
Odisea cientifica del tiempo indeterminadoMaria Teresa Aláez García09/07/2009
Otras tardesMaria Teresa Aláez García03/17/2009
Pour mes parents, éloge anthumePatrice Faubert03/30/2015
Preprimavera.Maria Teresa Aláez García03/21/2009
Pt..pt...dropsIrene Beddies10/21/2014
- 3 -
PUNCTUALJens Marquard02/10/2009
Quel Monde !!!Karin Grandchamp11/04/2014
- 1 -
Rentre donc à la maison(Moreno Oldrati, Morenito 020908)Moreno Oldrati03/28/2014
respecte la vieAndreas Gritsch08/05/2008
revellingNorman Möschter03/22/2014
- 1 -
RIGHT TO LOVEJoshua Akinwande09/01/2011
- 2 -
RISING WITH THE GLORY OF THE SUNJoshua Akinwande03/18/2011
Second-hand LifeIrene Beddies09/07/2012
- 1 -
Sedated NatureDean Harries05/24/2011
Semana Santa en primaveraMaria Teresa Aláez García04/03/2009
Semblante InvernalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez03/01/2012
SING NO SONG WITHOUT JOY (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger11/05/2012
- 6 -
Sometimes the times are weirdInge Hoppe-Grabinger12/24/2016
- 1 -
SummertimeMaddiie Vali06/29/2013
- 1 -
SurrealisticBernhard Pappe05/06/2016
The BeAt (at Home)Robert Fischaleck06/19/2010
the flower and the sunKelly Agosto12/08/2011
THE FRUIT SONGJens Marquard05/13/2010
The happy death of bumble beesChristina Dittwald04/22/2013
- 2 -
The week before...Jasmine Shaw06/07/2009
Thérapeute paraphysicienPatrice Faubert09/20/2014
Thinking of YouIrene Beddies01/28/2012
- 2 -
This dark afternoonIrene Beddies12/03/2012
- 1 -
This sound is dyingNorman Möschter02/03/2013
- 1 -
Tour de ManègeJulia Goncalves12/14/2014
Um gatinho sozinhoHelga Edelsfeld05/07/2015
- 2 -
Un temps pourAsad Abbas08/14/2013
VIAJE SOLARJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez08/21/2010
We have to do the washing-up!Jürgen Wagner07/09/2016
- 1 -
WHY AM I HOMELESSRay Boorman05/22/2013
ZeitgeistRené Oberholzer06/03/2014
- 1 -

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