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Short Stories and Novels from the category „Growing Up“

Please choose from 60 entrys in this category!

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Short Stories and Novels:

Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
Amanecer en fríoMaria Teresa Aláez García12/02/2007
- 1 -
ArchiveIrina Valtscheva02/25/2010
As One Door Closes , Another One OpensMaria Thermann11/28/2009
Atardeceres.Maria Teresa Aláez García10/06/2006
Building for Drug Dealers in TexasSandy Lindahl01/18/2011
CambioMaria Teresa Aláez García10/30/2009
CAPITULO IIIMauricio Santiago Boulogne07/14/2011
Cartas al corazonMaria Teresa Aláez García10/02/2009
Cold DecemberMadeleine Richey03/11/2013
Cruzando ciegos la mirada.Maria Teresa Aláez García11/01/2007
Dad's LoveJoseph Trance03/31/2013
DavidSarah Eschbach09/21/2009
- 1 -
DENTRO DEL CÍRCULOFermín Vidales Martínez10/10/2009
EGOTONTISMOMaria Teresa Aláez García10/07/2008
en busca de la libertadJorge Cancino Escalona11/03/2012
Fable de la Fontanella 1Petronella Steevensz05/31/2005
FELICITACIÓN NAVIDEÑAMaria Teresa Aláez García08/29/2006
Gram's EyesJohn R. Cowan Sr.09/04/2007
HamHocks And Collar Greens In Town TonightRufus Murry Jr04/20/2013
imaginary friendJessica Creed06/02/2009
- 1 -
Kid Seeks Intellectual FreedomJohn Curry05/01/2012
L'adolescenceSylvie Anceret05/05/2010
La bola de cristalJose Samino Jimenez08/14/2016
la historia mas corta del mundo:EL AVENTUREROLuis fidel Feliz09/21/2011
LA SUEUR DE MES MAINSMatthieu Rock04/25/2016
LABIRINTO ZEROMassimiliano Badiali08/30/2007
Last Day Warrior's Morning RoutineJoseph Trance07/31/2010
Le portrait d'AlicianeSylvie Anceret05/09/2010
Le portrait de LolySylvie Anceret05/06/2010
Le portrait de SosoSylvie Anceret05/07/2010
Los UnicorniosElena Domínguez Robles07/31/2008
Mississippi Love Blue,sRufus Murry Jr05/16/2012
Morganville StationSal Padula10/18/2008
Mr Leneys shedAndrew Alison07/14/2010
Mulberry Street EncounterGracy Stone05/11/2009
My membership* in the Communist Party of AT ends on 30.1.2011Irina Valtscheva01/26/2009
My worst fearsMary Diana01/23/2012
- 1 -
Nothing to looseDayana Marinho07/15/2011
NowhereColette Royal08/07/2011
Petroleo... flores...Maria Teresa Aláez García10/13/2009
Problems & DisastersSamantha Murray05/07/2009
Puliendo1Maria Teresa Aláez García05/03/2008
Puliendo2Maria Teresa Aláez García05/16/2008
Running By The RiverBatina Williams06/15/2006
RustBill Piccolo10/15/2006
Setting the AtmosphereJoseph Trance09/01/2010
Take That Walk With Me To God And Christ HouseRufus Murry Jr02/01/2011
The Bank RobberyRoger Kiser05/24/2005
The Birthday GiftAriane Hofmann02/25/2006
The KiteBarbara Rice08/25/2007
The party of the yearMarina Pouget12/15/2014
THE PERFECT WORLDAnita Joseph12/07/2005
- 1 -
The SnowRufus Murry Jr04/05/2012
The ViolinBarbara I.04/09/2006
- 2 -
Through The Stages Teddies.Mauchian Saunders03/11/2010
TictacJuan Haro Rodríguez06/11/2009
To Sit, To SeeRufus Murry Jr04/28/2012
Winter JourneyKitty Hamagochy09/22/2006
Writing hands since 1850… My family roots in BulgariaIrina Valtscheva06/08/2009

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