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Short Stories and Novels from the category „Childhood“

Please choose from 33 entrys in this category!

Here you may search for short stories, poems and authors on e-Stories.org or on the web:


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Short Stories and Novels:

Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
9999Antonio Pérez Ruiz12/07/2012
Ángeles suciosAlejandro Meola04/05/2015
Antigas sintonias e sonhos de uma nova eraFlavio Cruz11/10/2015
As marmitas do Senhor BonifácioFlavio Cruz01/26/2016
Beijos e abraçosFlavio Cruz11/09/2015
Bino´s Secret AdventureElizabeth Young12/04/2009
Cruzada. Un cuento FutboleroLeandro Martinez02/26/2015
El Cuento de Ulises y el Ciclope para FedericoLeandro Martinez02/19/2015
El niño no lo sabíaAlberto Díaz Cubeíro09/07/2013
El Sueño de AndresXiomara Martinez Ruiz11/16/2011
EL ÚLTIMO DÍAKike Ibeas05/21/2012
EVIE'S BIG FISHRay Boorman02/13/2011
I-Juca-PiramaFlavio Cruz11/14/2015
la niña y la Tía CarmiñaAlberto Díaz Cubeíro07/08/2013
Los ColorinesMarta Alimay12/30/2010
Marcy´s Special DayMarilyn Janson11/24/2011
Merdon en de pompoenTudor Sleurholts03/24/2016
- 1 -
Mis PadresManuel Alexander Roblejo Proenza07/08/2015
O menino que fazia filmesFlavio Cruz03/26/2015
O MilagreFlavio Cruz06/09/2016
O Sorriso da Tia SílviaFlavio Cruz06/06/2015
Our Fidjii childIris Klinge02/01/2012
- 1 -
Prince Charming CooperBecks Woods09/10/2010
Princes KaterinaSayani Nath10/04/2013
Samson's WishUlrica Dias05/26/2012
Saying Good-Bye To TylerMarilyn Janson01/15/2012
THE FEMALERufus Murry Jr04/21/2012
THE REMMINSENCEAkhil Das01/01/2010
The Small Bear Cub´s StoryMarc Backhaus03/31/2014
- 1 -
The Waiting RoomAlan Selby03/01/2010
- 1 -
Una noche maravillosaMacario Gallego Domenech05/04/2014
Xixi nas calças (O longo caminho até a casa)Flavio Cruz03/19/2015

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