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Poems from the category „Sorrow“ (english)

Please choose from 98 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
A Darkness AwakesMarina Mura10/28/2013
- 1 -
A heavy nightJürgen Wagner08/02/2013
- 1 -
A Snake Sheds Its LifeDorsey Baker06/11/2011
A WOMAN´S FATEJens Marquard07/05/2009
ApocalypseNiamh + Oona Hasbach05/07/2009
Apocalypse nowHeino Suess08/27/2011
- 8 -
at least someoneSarah Klee09/08/2008
AwayJill Ackermann01/31/2007
Believed in a FairytaleMaddiie Vali05/04/2013
- 1 -
Big Eyes, Big LiesMarina Mura10/21/2013
- 1 -
BillyGloria Harris03/03/2010
- 1 -
BLACK CLOUDSFrancis Craig12/18/2006
Caged inParrish Broadnax II01/28/2011
CancerIrene Beddies07/10/2015
- 4 -
CLIMATE CRISISJens Marquard06/02/2010
ConsequencesMaddiie Vali03/12/2013
Consuming ThoughtsWendy C. Barton09/05/2006
ContrastGina Grimpo08/08/2007
DadPetronella Steevensz07/04/2005
DaddyKatharina Franziska Becker09/24/2007
dark side of lifeConny Kirsten10/01/2005
- 1 -
Dear SisterErika Seetzen-Woods08/31/2010
Death's Callin'Carolin Schwab07/13/2006
Disturbing SilenceRebecca C.08/05/2004
Drug Session of a Depressive GuyOliver Zajonz09/30/2005
- 1 -
Ecstacy of the bladeManuela Schneider03/31/2005
- 1 -
Empty PromisesMaddiie Vali11/08/2012
Even ifLinda Ruthenberg02/02/2010
- 1 -
Every Which Way AroundSal Padula08/28/2006
First attempt - TFASebastian Schwöbel08/16/2005
For You And All I Have LostMichaela Wallat08/02/2009
Forest of despairKegan N.10/02/2013
Ghost Have I becomeDavid Vanlandingham01/14/2008
H O P EMarlene Remen01/13/2017
- 2 -
HARSH LOVESue Armstrong10/11/2010
- 2 -
HopesPetrina Renk10/12/2009
- 1 -
HushIvana Herrmann08/28/2004
I sing my songNorman Möschter05/01/2014
- 1 -
Imprisoned (Version 1)Larissa Lamadé11/14/2005
Imprisoned (Version 2)Larissa Lamadé11/15/2005
In a falling planeVolodymyr Knyr09/26/2016
in love with an automaticHendrik Sollich12/31/2005
Instant DejectionLea Jenkel07/20/2008
Ironie of lifeSarah Niethammer06/28/2005
I´m not like you !!!Carolin Schneider10/29/2005
JAKERay Boorman02/27/2011
january windSonja Nic Rafferty01/05/2005
Just warmth...Jens Schriwer09/01/2006
KindergartenErwin Maramat10/03/2008
- 1 -
Lack of serotoneJustyna Stanisz11/11/2006
LamentAnita Joseph11/29/2005
- 1 -
Lapse Of Memory !!!Abderrahmane Ouacham01/13/2006
Light and ShadowSonja Nic Rafferty09/18/2004
Little Black MonstersJustine Knolle04/26/2007
Live onStefanie Haertel03/24/2015
- 1 -
lost paradiseHans Witteborg02/19/2012
- 2 -
MemoriesJustyna Stanisz08/24/2006
- 1 -
mirrors surfaceEsther Rothlübbers05/02/2010
More Time to DieAldijana Mehmedovic08/02/2015
My beloved prison (16-09-05)Old Poems10/05/2005
Need For BloodCarolin Schwab07/29/2006
Neptun SongMarkus Liebhart03/18/2005
- 1 -
Night of sorrowMaik Hollenberg02/26/2007
NOSY BEERichard Rodriguez06/11/2005
On safari - The big fourJürgen Wagner06/28/2015
- 1 -
Pain and other punishmentsHendrik Neumann11/15/2005
Perpetual ReposeMike Arnold08/16/2010
Play a blues for meBernhard Pappe11/14/2015
- 2 -
Play deadOld Poems11/02/2005
Prodigal DaughterKaren Halloway12/25/2013
PurifyKristina Korus05/15/2004
Racketeers and tearsVolodymyr Knyr01/06/2017
REDLIGHTJens Marquard07/25/2009
Reflection - Brother and SisterSonja Nic Rafferty09/13/2004
RemorseJanine Benkert09/23/2008
RepentanceNatascha Sifnakis04/22/2005
Sad dark eyesIris Feller05/25/2004
Search of a FatherSonja Nic Rafferty09/19/2004
Silent screamOld Poems11/04/2005
Sold soulClaudia Bachmann04/21/2005
- 1 -
STOP THE POINTINGRichard Rodriguez06/07/2005
SunsetKristina Korus04/19/2005
The CrisisPaul Rudolf Uhl07/12/2012
- 11 -
The meaning of lifeJürgen Wagner06/27/2016
The SummerTheresia Weissgerber01/20/2007
ThereAdrian Krastev09/01/2006
TouchAdrian Krastev04/28/2006
UnderRebecca Harris02/28/2011
- 1 -
Upon sun and sadnessS. Stein06/08/2006
UtøyaMargret Silvester04/02/2014
- 2 -
W i t h o u t y o uMarlene Remen10/09/2013
- 2 -
Wavelength ApartSonja Nic Rafferty09/15/2004
when sometimesNorman Möschter04/15/2011
- 1 -
Where are You?Sonja Nic Rafferty08/13/2004
Will GodGracy Stone10/24/2008
WordsLinda Klauke09/22/2010
WORKBirgit Börner09/24/2008
You are not hereDominique Fräßdorf03/12/2008

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