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Poems from the category „Life“ (english)

Please choose from 396 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
A breezeHeike Gewi02/12/2008
A daddy´s girlStefanie Haertel02/19/2009
A disturbed world (In a sad moment)Bernhard Pappe11/15/2014
- 2 -
A Few Days in SligoSonja Nic Rafferty08/24/2004
A five minutes´ bluesBernhard Pappe08/23/2016
- 2 -
a flowerRobert Fischaleck12/03/2006
A pretty GodBernhard Pappe08/16/2014
- 2 -
a question of luckAndreas Schulz09/01/2006
- 2 -
A seed had been plantedPeter Ahlhorn08/21/2013
A sign of changeRené Marczynski03/21/2007
A Snail's PlaceOlivia Chevron07/06/2006
A Sufi StoryJürgen Wagner07/07/2016
ABOVE THE CLOUDJoshua Akinwande06/17/2011
Absurd PoemBernhard Pappe11/23/2013
- 2 -
Absurd Poem 2Bernhard Pappe11/29/2013
- 1 -
AFORE THE DAWNRay Boorman02/18/2011
All I forgot to say...F. N.07/25/2006
All in my phantasy (2)Bernhard Pappe02/04/2016
- 1 -
Alone in a crowd (11-09-05)Old Poems10/03/2005
- 1 -
Always on the wrong wayBernhard Pappe10/05/2014
- 2 -
An Angel to FriendAntonia Giesecke04/18/2005
An English Shot - Word Bullets (2)Bernhard Pappe01/15/2015
- 3 -
an old man's eyeHendrik Sollich03/30/2007
angel and iceHeike Gewi02/18/2008
Angel By My SideCathy Fusco02/25/2005
Angel Of DeathFrancis Craig12/19/2006
Anorexia and AlcoholismJustine Knolle01/31/2007
Arms wide openKaroline Goldberg08/06/2007
- 1 -
AwakeRoland Haus05/30/2006
AwakeningLothar Schwalm07/07/2011
Being interestedInge Hoppe-Grabinger11/12/2015
- 3 -
Bird...Tanja Wingerter03/04/2007
BlissGabriella von Schadewitz11/08/2007
booksBill Piccolo01/14/2005
- 1 -
BratsJustine Knolle11/06/2006
Bridge To The RootsSonja Nic Rafferty08/17/2004
British RailOlivia Chevron11/06/2006
BrokenFergal Dunne11/15/2011
Broken...Jutta Knubel12/12/2008
- 1 -
Burning FleshWendy C. Barton03/12/2007
Candle of TimeInge Hornisch11/15/2009
- 3 -
Carpe diem !!Avinash Chand01/14/2015
Cat Felix & Co.Sonja Nic Rafferty08/30/2004
CausalityF. N.01/13/2006
Cause of DeathJörg Dahlbeck05/19/2006
ChangesHanneke .05/01/2009
- 1 -
Chasing your DreamGisa Wierzchowski07/23/2004
CHOICESRichard Rodriguez06/30/2005
City ViewFergal Dunne10/21/2011
ClymanticPavel Girard09/02/2005
Cold MorningIrene Beddies11/27/2016
- 2 -
colorsHeike Gewi02/13/2008
ColoursJames Woods05/26/2004
- 1 -
ConfuciaJustine Knolle04/10/2006
Count on meTina Zaleski03/31/2005
Dark Eyes of The CapeFergal Dunne01/15/2010
Dark horse in a white shadowBernhard Pappe04/23/2014
- 1 -
Day Starting (Another Word Game)Bernhard Pappe12/10/2013
Daylight to MoonlightMaddiie Vali02/16/2013
DaypainSven Reinfrank03/19/2007
deadAisha Ahmad11/18/2005
- 1 -
Death of a DreamJustine Knolle10/02/2006
Deceiving DianeOlivia Chevron11/18/2006
- 1 -
December is ...Sonja Nic Rafferty12/05/2004
DeeperStephanie Grothues03/17/2008
- 2 -
Der Lauf der ZeitStefanie Gork10/01/2009
Die Stadt an drei FlüssenPaul Rudolf Uhl06/06/2013
- 10 -
DiscoveryLindsay Mayer02/15/2011
DJ THINKS SMARTLYJens Marquard08/11/2011
Downtown BikingBen Kirch12/16/2005
Downtown Local #5Sal Padula05/07/2007
Dreamin'Nicole Scheidegger04/19/2006
drift awayStefanie Haertel03/27/2006
DrunkGisa Wierzchowski11/10/2004
- 1 -
Dunoon in my MemorySonja Nic Rafferty12/12/2004
EARLY SEPTEMBER DREAMSSonja Nic Rafferty09/05/2004
Ego Trip (17-09-05)Old Poems10/06/2005
En RouteJustine Knolle03/06/2006
endless mazeStefanie Haertel05/04/2006
EnoughIrene Beddies08/04/2012
- 1 -
EnthusiasmErika Seetzen-Woods07/04/2005
ExistenceClaudio Micale09/19/2005
Fading LightErika Seetzen-Woods04/29/2004
Falling DreamsSonja Nic Rafferty09/28/2004
Fancy Nancy - or why yesterday does matterMartin Fries12/07/2006
Fat(i)maMarianne Proud01/21/2006
fear for the next day, pleaseLisa Osthaus03/02/2007
FebruaryKenyah Boehme05/17/2005
Fight against invisibleSusanne Bruschke05/15/2007
Filling life with lifeStefanie Haertel02/19/2013
FinalityKegan N.02/20/2013
- 1 -
Find some ParadiseStefanie Haertel07/16/2005
Fiona’s SerenadeSonja Nic Rafferty10/17/2004
Fool's AddictionBernhard Pappe07/13/2014
FOR MANKIND'S SAKERay Boorman10/17/2012
For My JustineLes Ball12/18/2005
Forgive meNadine Tietz12/12/2006
- 1 -
FragilityClaudio Micale09/30/2005
FreeJan Wendler04/23/2015
FreedomErika Seetzen-Woods08/10/2007
freedom ridersTilman Otto Wagner09/03/2011
Friendship, War, Love, Peace…The Story!!!Abderrahmane Ouacham01/24/2006
Frozen Tears - (Lacrimae Durescae)Justine Knolle02/02/2007
Fucking fightJutta Knubel02/19/2009
- 4 -
Future???Edda Graedener07/11/2007
- 1 -
Game of LifeNatascha Sifnakis04/27/2005
Getting ForgetfulPetronella Steevensz05/22/2005
Getting upRoland Haus06/09/2006
Go back home or stayChristina Zou10/12/2009
- 2 -
Growing oldIrene Beddies02/19/2014
- 3 -
HamburgIrene Beddies07/07/2012
- 2 -
Happiness...Avinash Chand01/15/2015
- 1 -
Hazy ShadesBernhard Pappe09/05/2014
He is the one!Rolf Pollberg01/03/2009
- 1 -
HealingJan Wendler02/15/2016
- 1 -
heartBill Piccolo10/24/2006
HeavenLion Kroeze11/08/2009
HelloJan Wendler02/23/2015
Her ConcernsIrene Beddies02/03/2013
- 2 -
Her DestinyKenyah Boehme05/11/2005
Her GroundArne Bister08/12/2008
Here Comes SummerJames Woods06/23/2004
Hey, little boyTanja W.04/03/2010
- 1 -
Homage for actor Ralph FiennesMeike Schrut09/04/2009
hopeSonja Nic Rafferty09/26/2004
HorizontJanine Benkert10/01/2007
hot sandHeike Gewi08/24/2008
How Freedom Feels likeStefanie Haertel06/17/2013
HungryBernhard Pappe07/18/2015
- 3 -
HuntingIrene Beddies08/19/2013
- 2 -
I AM A CHILD OF LOVEIngrid E. Patrick11/13/2010
- 4 -
I AM A SEEKERSonja Nic Rafferty11/06/2004
- 1 -
I am here for loveMarc Backhaus08/26/2013
I cannotMike Hennig07/09/2007
I got a nameKazeronnie Mak06/13/2010
I GOT THE MONEYJens Marquard06/20/2009
I want a dressDurbarry Quraishiyah08/14/2011
- 2 -
I'd rather be a flower than a stoneRobert Fischaleck06/12/2010
- 1 -
I'M A BELIEVERDurbarry Quraishiyah08/14/2011
If I were for realKazeronnie Mak06/10/2010
If!!!!Abderrahmane Ouacham12/30/2005
- 1 -
In a death of a clownBernhard Pappe12/14/2013
In A Friendship CenterInge Hornisch05/30/2010
- 1 -
In Deaths PossesionDaniel Wehowsky02/26/2006
inbetweenConny Kirsten03/26/2006
inconditional pastValérie Bergmann04/24/2007
Inner strengthStefanie Haertel02/26/2013
inspired by atonement by Ian McEwanVivien Leucht07/19/2008
Is It Worth It?Wendy C. Barton08/30/2006
Is this the reason for living? (By a pessimist)Justyna Stanisz09/16/2006
IslandGisa Wierzchowski10/08/2004
Isser tot?Berni Kestoi01/25/2011
It is not trueUte Bund12/08/2008
It Just Takes TimeDorsey Baker07/04/2011
- 1 -
It’s good to be differentStefanie Haertel06/11/2010
- 1 -
It´s about youStefanie Haertel07/05/2014
- 1 -
It´s not your faultStefanie Haertel03/08/2013
It´s so hard to beElisabeth Halupczok11/29/2006
I´ll always care for you ( dedicated to my godchild)Stefanie Haertel11/22/2008
I´m crazy but in a nice wayStefanie Haertel08/13/2010
- 1 -
I´m fine, thanksStefanie Haertel02/15/2013
JackJoe R.06/04/2008
Joy Ride DepartureDanielle Marie Armstrong07/11/2011
L I F ETilman Otto Wagner08/13/2012
Last CryAlexander J. Scheuch09/30/2016
Last verseJürgen Wagner07/13/2016
Last Wishes !!!Abderrahmane Ouacham01/09/2006
Leaving East GermanyGisa Wierzchowski11/21/2004
Let me tell youJoe R.10/09/2007
lets pretendTanja Reuter05/25/2009
Letter to God IIOlivia Chevron08/23/2006
- 1 -
Letting goUrsula Brieke-Brinkmann02/18/2007
LiberationJürgen Wagner07/05/2016
- 2 -
lifeGisa Wierzchowski06/08/2004
Life is like a crystal ball of fortuneKazeronnie Mak06/15/2010
Life is struggleMohd Salman05/09/2011
Life is wonderfulMauro Montacchiesi06/17/2008
- 1 -
Life means changeStefanie Haertel05/12/2012
- 1 -
life's runningCarolin Schwab05/17/2006
LIFES SHADOWRay Boorman02/05/2011
Life`s Whole BeingErika Seetzen-Woods05/17/2005
Life´s journeyJasmin Arnold08/02/2006
light as a feather yet tall as a treeNeven Dreyfuß11/23/2011
Lines it is worth to meMeike Schrut05/31/2010
Little BirdSue Honig12/22/2005
little gguardian angelNina Michalitsch07/11/2007
Little things of life.Jessie Munroe05/18/2005
live your lifeStefanie Haertel02/18/2012
- 1 -
Lives...Dieter Franke06/03/2004
living a lieMia Nervosa05/17/2007
LONDONErika Seetzen-Woods07/25/2004
lost and foundNorman Möschter03/19/2009
Love Is The EnemyFergal Dunne10/18/2011
- 1 -
Lovely LifeLela Nadreal01/05/2011
- 1 -
LUSTBonnie Brooke11/17/2006
- 1 -
Mama don´t cryStefanie Haertel08/01/2009
MorningIris Feller06/06/2004
Mother NurseJustine Knolle07/04/2006
Mother-Wanna-BeHollie Walker10/14/2009
Music and HopeBernhard Pappe02/03/2014
- 2 -
My father, my HeroAnna Burstedde-Raptis08/13/2008
My feelingsDaniel Dietze09/15/2012
My FriendThomas Spiekermann05/24/2006
My LifeFergal Dunne10/20/2011
My LifeMartina Grabenweger02/07/2009
My Life and IAmberlee Hampton02/05/2009
MY LITTLE YELLOW BOATRay Boorman02/16/2011
- 1 -
My obitSwati Krishnan01/13/2010
- 1 -
My PoetryOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo03/31/2012
My PoetryTammy L C StClair11/14/2007
My World of MANDALASSonja Nic Rafferty09/06/2004
NeverJutta Knubel10/06/2008
- 3 -
NeverMaria Peters12/16/2006
NEVEROlivia Chevron12/19/2005
never stopKatharina Zwior09/19/2006
No AccidentJoseph Trance03/13/2009
- 1 -
No EscapeErika Seetzen-Woods04/29/2004
No rain on meStefanie Haertel08/08/2009
Not any longerIrene Beddies02/07/2014
- 3 -
Nothing ElseJoseph Trance03/05/2011
OceanBernhard Pappe06/28/2014
- 1 -
OCEANRiina Törmä11/23/2010
of manAlain Drouin06/16/2012
OMNIPRESENCE (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger10/11/2012
- 3 -
Only for you!Jessica Lischewski10/11/2005
Out in the coldJens Schriwer04/27/2005
- 1 -
out of orderHeike Gewi08/20/2008
paper dragonHeike Gewi08/27/2008
Passion & InspirationHeidemarie Sattler12/04/2016
People always leaveShirley Ehling06/30/2010
PerceptionBarbara I.04/05/2006
Perpetual candleMerieme Agharmine11/19/2011
persuasionCordula Heuser02/04/2011
POETIC TRUTHTilman Otto Wagner08/03/2013
PowerWendy C. Barton03/16/2007
PowerlessLion Kroeze10/11/2009
PromiseJessie Munroe05/16/2005
Proud man at seaSven Eisenberger01/15/2017
PureZul Ariffin04/21/2009
- 1 -
Put in perspectiveSven Eisenberger01/14/2017
Queens HallArne Bister12/01/2008
rainHeike Gewi02/05/2008
ReflectionsInge Hornisch05/14/2010
- 3 -
remainsBill Piccolo10/09/2006
Remote Love StoryKatharina Zwior09/05/2006
RESOLUTIONOlivia Chevron12/27/2005
Riding on a rainbowBernhard Pappe08/28/2014
- 1 -
Riding on WordsBernhard Pappe10/17/2014
- 1 -
right or leftMike Hennig07/10/2007
right or left part2Mike Hennig07/14/2007
ROCKABLE TROUBLE (Duett)Jens Marquard06/01/2009
rough dayHeike Gewi08/06/2008
RulesBernhard Pappe10/24/2014
- 1 -
Rush Not To Me GirlFergal Dunne11/03/2011
rustling leavesHeike Gewi08/20/2008
Salaam, Salaam Sweet EarthAbu Zubair12/07/2007
SAPPHIREJustine Knolle07/29/2005
SaveJohnny Send02/18/2008
Save me from this dreamStefanie Haertel06/05/2013
ScarsSonja Nic Rafferty10/11/2004
School DazeKaren Halloway08/19/2014
See what you haveStefanie Haertel01/15/2013
- 1 -
SeparationJustine Knolle05/24/2006
silenceBill Piccolo11/20/2006
Slaughter of the SensesAdrian Krastev08/09/2006
SleeplessBernhard Pappe05/29/2015
- 4 -
Sleepless NightJustine Knolle01/25/2005
SmokeGisa Wierzchowski10/18/2004
SnowworldChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff01/12/2010
- 3 -
SOLOJustine Knolle09/20/2005
- 1 -
Some People LikeDorsey Baker06/22/2011
- 1 -
Some People of a Different CloudDorsey Baker05/23/2011
SometimesAntonia Giesecke05/04/2005
sometimes I wishPeter Ahlhorn12/16/2013
- 1 -
SongbirdOlivia Chevron02/08/2006
soul clockBill Piccolo10/13/2006
- 1 -
Soul HeritageSonja Nic Rafferty09/16/2004
Sound Of LifeAnna Jansen03/31/2013
spendingHeike Gewi02/16/2008
spiderHeike Gewi02/14/2008
Spirit of the timeKarl Wiener09/14/2007
springOliver Stefan01/03/2014
- 3 -
spring moonHeike Gewi04/27/2008
StarsChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff04/20/2009
- 6 -
StartRoland Haus06/12/2006
Suicide-Ride (11-09-05)Old Poems10/02/2005
Sunday afternoonInge Hornisch05/29/2010
- 3 -
SunsetKristina Korus10/15/2005
Sweet and Sour MemoriesGata Daska Ibañez05/01/2012
Sweet KartarsisStefanie Haertel05/31/2005
SystemOld Poems11/01/2005
Tell me a taleAnna-Luise Franke01/07/2006
- 1 -
TEMPTATIONRay Boorman07/19/2011
thank YouRobert Fischaleck05/30/2010
- 1 -
The Arrival of an AngelOlivia Chevron06/30/2006
- 1 -
The BeesJürgen Wagner08/09/2013
- 1 -
The Bench In The ParkErika Seetzen-Woods05/26/2004
The biggest treasure one can findJürgen Wagner07/06/2016
the challengeMatthias Reymaier02/16/2009
The CircleBernhard Pappe01/17/2014
- 2 -
The circle breaksBernhard Pappe05/13/2015
The City I Live inMario Canto01/01/2012
THE CLUBJens Marquard02/09/2009
the darkMaren Sandkuhl10/24/2006
The DiceFergal Dunne04/07/2012
The differenceGabriella von Schadewitz11/14/2007
The Emtpy Gift BoxAdrian Krastev06/22/2006
The Final HitFergal Dunne11/08/2011
THE FIVE SENSESRay Boorman02/03/2011
the golden leafJoaquin Cajiao02/25/2009
- 1 -
THE GREATEST GIFTRay Boorman03/12/2011
The HousewifeThomas Kreuter03/29/2010
- 1 -
The InevitableAmn Dtta09/19/2014
The insanity of normality (07-09-05)Old Poems09/29/2005
The last curtainFritz Rubin05/27/2008
- 1 -
The Living SeasonsMichael Trimmel10/24/2006
the man called riverNorman Möschter12/21/2016
- 1 -
The May Of Your LifeErika Seetzen-Woods01/19/2006
The meaning of lifeJessica Lischewski02/28/2006
THE MIRACLE OF LIFEJens Marquard12/29/2009
THE MISSING MODICUM OF LUCKSonja Nic Rafferty10/21/2004
- 1 -
The Naked PassengerJoe R.06/28/2007
The NEEDWendy C. Barton12/23/2006
The real world????Nadine Huwald08/27/2008
The Red ZoneJacob Bergner08/01/2012
THE RELATIONSHIPJens Marquard06/27/2009
The RoadJacob Kapp10/11/2007
The sense of lifeStefanie Haertel04/15/2005
The sun is not bright enough (11-09-05)Old Poems10/01/2005
The TravellerOlivia Chevron06/16/2006
- 1 -
The tree of lifeMig Marn04/01/2012
The two LoversIrene Beddies11/10/2012
- 5 -
The UnknownGracy Stone11/10/2008
The WalkKlaus Thomanek06/16/2014
- 2 -
The Way of LifeLars Schmitt07/07/2005
The will of HEAVENKazeronnie Mak10/27/2010
The winner takes it all (About a band contest)Bernhard Pappe04/28/2014
THE WRONG TURNRay Boorman03/14/2011
Things are never as good as through children’s eyesStefanie Haertel09/22/2007
- 1 -
This dance of loveRobert Fischaleck01/16/2007
Thought-DaughterJustine Knolle10/19/2006
Throwaways: HeJohn R. Cowan Sr.08/14/2007
Throwaways: He IIJohn R. Cowan Sr.08/17/2007
TICK-TACK SOUNDSJens Marquard03/17/2012
Time and AgainArne Bister11/25/2008
- 2 -
To know...Irene Beddies11/05/2013
- 3 -
To Sexually Abusive MenWendy C. Barton10/18/2006
Today I´m beautifulStefanie Haertel08/28/2009
- 3 -
TOGETHERSonja Nic Rafferty09/08/2004
TogethernessErika Seetzen-Woods11/01/2005
train wreck of lifeDorsey Baker07/08/2011
TreesJürgen Wagner07/02/2016
- 1 -
TrustRobert Gatewood09/08/2006
- 2 -
truthNorman Möschter07/23/2006
- 1 -
unconsciousGisa Wierzchowski06/21/2004
UnexpectedlyHanneke .06/04/2009
Union FallMichael Glauer05/02/2006
- 1 -
Unlive my lifeArne Bister07/03/2008
UnresolvedErika Seetzen-Woods12/01/2004
- 1 -
VanityOliver Zajonz02/11/2008
VelocityCarolin Schwab07/11/2006
VOGUEJens Marquard11/18/2010
WAIT, WALK, PRAY AND FAITH THROUGHJoshua Akinwande06/18/2011
Walking In Everybody Else´s ShoesJohanna Döttelmayer05/02/2015
- 1 -
Walking in PeaceBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda10/22/2006
Walking the VineyardsOlivia Chevron04/25/2006
Wasted?Bernhard Pappe09/15/2014
WatchwomanBernhard Pappe07/09/2015
WAY HOME (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger11/11/2012
- 4 -
We are the sameRobert Fischaleck10/20/2006
We need you !Anna Burstedde-Raptis09/08/2008
- 1 -
What do you think about meDominique Fräßdorf04/09/2008
What if?Paraschiva Grebenea10/20/2010
- 1 -
WHAT LIFEIrene-Danae Diamantis01/14/2015
What they cannot take away from meStefanie Haertel03/02/2009
Where is the warmth gone?Justyna Stanisz08/26/2006
Where is the way?Susanne Nübel01/25/2010
- 1 -
Where Life BeginsClaudio Micale03/24/2006
- 2 -
- 1 -
Who elseJustine Knolle02/16/2006
- 1 -
Why?Bernhard Pappe11/04/2014
- 2 -
WillingKlaus Meier05/28/2012
Willing to learnStefanie Haertel08/23/2011
Winding RoadInge Hornisch09/24/2011
- 1 -
WishesDagny Kraas07/24/2006
- 1 -
Without youMichel Pauwels04/18/2009
- 2 -
World treeJürgen Wagner07/01/2016
- 1 -
YESTERDAY HAS GONE BY...Joshua Akinwande03/16/2012
Yesterday-TomorrowCarolin Schwab07/12/2006
YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLDJens Marquard08/08/2011
You Vs The StoneSeth Ewald02/19/2012
- 1 -
YOU'RE THE ONE (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger01/06/2013
- 3 -
Zombicious [Fragment]Dan Graupner08/08/2007
´No one said, life was easy ...´Jürgen Wagner07/03/2016
- 1 -
´The One´Olivia Chevron12/28/2005

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