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Poems from the category „Growing Up“ (english)

Please choose from 41 entrys in this category!

Here you may search for short stories, poems and authors on e-Stories.org or on the web:


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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
"Idiot Stupid Jerk"Joseph Trance09/28/2009
Being YoingBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda10/10/2006
black rosesNorman Möschter06/12/2014
- 1 -
BlissElizabeth Hatfield06/09/2010
BonesArne Bister08/15/2008
BulliesMarie Burgoyne05/08/2009
- 1 -
Daddy!Maria Stern08/01/2009
Dreamer's DiseaseChantal Schnarrenberger10/05/2009
- 1 -
Ecco Me!Justine Knolle05/15/2005
FallingClaudia Stechmesser01/30/2008
- 1 -
GOBBLEDEGOOKRay Boorman03/20/2011
God and Radio WavesJoseph Trance08/07/2009
GROWING UPRay Boorman09/03/2016
Growing up...Jasmine Shaw06/04/2009
- 1 -
Hey, you with your head held high!Justyna Stanisz09/17/2006
learning to walkRobert Fischaleck11/01/2006
- 1 -
Life unitsIris Feller05/13/2004
lime juiceJanna Lisa Dombrowsky10/24/2005
Limerick #1Marc Backhaus02/10/2012
Limerick on BeautyMarc Backhaus09/24/2013
loved only youLisa Osthaus02/28/2007
Meeting DadJoseph Trance08/17/2009
Music for MeGisa Wierzchowski06/20/2004
My Son and INatascha Sifnakis05/20/2005
- 1 -
MyselfAntonia Giesecke04/15/2005
- 1 -
NightmaresNatascha Sifnakis04/25/2005
Noone is noone(Song)Jörg Dahlbeck08/21/2005
Out of the ShadowsWerner Michael Fisk03/16/2010
Overgang/TransitionJustine Knolle04/06/2006
POESIA DEL CUORE ONLUS MECENATE 15 MARZO ORE 21Massimiliano Badiali03/06/2008
Security FoundationJoseph Trance03/09/2009
So not ready to miss it!Isabelle Lenk10/05/2007
Teenage TransitionErika Seetzen-Woods04/29/2004
The BasementJeff Mount01/25/2009
The finest placeVolodymyr Knyr01/10/2017
The OthersKegan N.03/30/2011
What happened to me?Paulin Perduglé10/25/2010
Where I'm fromThomas Siegele11/15/2010
Who am I?Jennifer Daniel11/29/2015
You came to goAnna-Luise Franke03/05/2006
Young PeopleDorsey Baker10/17/2011

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