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Poems from the category „Loneliness“ (english)

Please choose from 100 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
(missing)Velinka Petkovic08/19/2009
4 Streets AwayMichael Glauer02/25/2006
- 1 -
A Lonely NightChristian Sabo01/04/2005
- 1 -
AloneRufus Murry Jr03/13/2012
AloneCyn Dee Tang04/07/2010
- 1 -
AloneAngela Beltz12/18/2007
AloneIris Feller06/03/2004
Alone in the nightLaura Bosch05/06/2006
Alone with courageSwati Krishnan01/12/2010
Alone with the windIrene Beddies03/02/2012
- 2 -
An individualistVolodymyr Knyr09/24/2016
Another WindIrene Beddies06/05/2013
- 2 -
Away from meChristopher Rettig04/23/2006
- 1 -
Bad Old TimesJan Hofmann09/06/2008
Beautifully BrokenDae Victoria01/29/2015
BehindManuela Schneider09/23/2005
- 2 -
bloody moonConny Kirsten01/06/2010
BrokenMartine Meyer05/02/2006
Chestnut Honey BreakfastArne Bister07/19/2008
Circle of DepressionHeike Helmert05/12/2007
Cloud SignInge Hornisch05/16/2010
- 2 -
darkness around youCarolin Schwab03/30/2005
DarlingJennifer Daniel07/02/2012
death angelConny Kirsten07/19/2007
DecembernightIrene Beddies12/02/2012
- 4 -
DifficultMaddiie Vali05/29/2013
DisillusionErika Seetzen-Woods06/05/2004
Empty roomStefanie Haertel06/03/2013
Go OnMichael Glauer02/12/2006
Green is the colour of hopeCarolin Schwab05/14/2006
Hello me!R. S. (male)03/05/2008
Homeless boy - where are you going?Laura Sorg03/03/2007
I don´t want lost myselfJutta Knubel08/17/2008
- 1 -
I'm A CowboyLars Schmitt08/02/2011
Imaginary LoverWendy C. Barton09/02/2006
ImmortalityClaudio Micale01/06/2006
In every silent momentsMarlene Remen08/13/2013
InconsistencyErika Seetzen-Woods07/01/2004
It seemsIrene Beddies11/22/2013
- 2 -
I`m yoursJutta Knubel02/17/2009
- 3 -
Just SittingCarolin Schwab09/29/2005
LonelinessNilay Baycar04/15/2005
LonelyAnna Burstedde-Raptis06/22/2008
lonelyNadine Tietz12/05/2006
lonelyKristina Korus07/16/2005
Lost thoughtsJustyna Stanisz03/22/2007
LoVeMyrna Doden11/04/2007
Love hurtsMia Cobain02/25/2007
Mammy MarketOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo03/31/2012
melvericHendrik Sollich01/10/2006
messConny Kirsten03/23/2008
- 1 -
Message in a bottle (Emotional rescue)Bernhard Pappe11/26/2014
- 3 -
My cold black holeJustyna Stanisz09/04/2006
- 1 -
my promiseNorman Möschter05/10/2014
- 1 -
Nobody CaresCarolin Schwab09/30/2005
OceanDelila Scorthen06/13/2008
- 1 -
Ocean of GoodbyesJustyna Stanisz09/20/2006
Of Patagonian Ice FieldsOlivia Chevron11/03/2006
On July 6thSabine Stemmler06/27/2004
Page 39Justine Knolle07/12/2006
PaperboyMichael Glauer05/20/2006
- 2 -
Priceless StarsPeter Asige07/29/2012
Re-Joycing verseEdmund Huditz08/02/2005
REAL SUMMER DAYSAdrian Krastev05/12/2006
Remember meMarlene Remen04/18/2014
RemembranceIrene Beddies02/28/2012
- 1 -
requiemConny Kirsten08/21/2010
Resemblance !!!!Abderrahmane Ouacham01/12/2006
Sad Thoughts about LoveSaskia Egli01/28/2009
SHYNESSJens Marquard08/25/2011
silenceConny Kirsten08/29/2009
Skies will always be full of fliesMarc Backhaus10/03/2013
- 1 -
So Tell MeRebecca Gracher02/11/2009
SolitudeCarolin Schwab05/13/2006
Solitude DimensionSonja Nic Rafferty09/01/2004
SomeoneMaren Sandkuhl09/25/2010
Someone is thereArjun Popat04/25/2012
soonNorman Möschter10/20/2009
- 1 -
Successful youngstersChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff08/10/2014
- 1 -
SunsetKristina Korus04/09/2005
TearsMaddiie Vali12/31/2012
tears are fallingCarolin Schwab03/27/2005
- 1 -
The darkness inside myselfJennifer Krassow05/02/2006
The end of the roadErika Seetzen-Woods04/20/2004
The Ivy BenchSonja Nic Rafferty10/16/2004
The Longest NightRobert Gatewood08/15/2006
The NightZul Ariffin04/20/2009
The Pain InsideCarolin Schwab09/26/2005
- 1 -
The wishHollie Walker09/18/2009
- 1 -
Thinking of you...Jutta Knubel02/26/2009
- 3 -
This DistanceMaddiie Vali07/08/2013
VunerabilityClaudio Micale11/13/2005
WaitingIrene Beddies04/20/2012
- 2 -
waitingBill Piccolo05/05/2007
Wating for youClaudia Bachmann02/10/2007
WEAKNESSOumnia Nejda01/09/2010
Where did you go?Meagan Hightower04/05/2005
Why is itMaddiie Vali03/06/2014
- 1 -
Would you mind...?Katrin Blatnik01/08/2007
You there....Jutta Knubel02/18/2009
- 2 -

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