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Poems from the category „Politics & Society“ (english)

Please choose from 36 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
55 heroesLeandro Martinez02/17/2015
- 1 -
A findVolodymyr Knyr01/20/2017
A leaderVolodymyr Knyr01/14/2017
Africa, you are poor and richThomas Kreuter05/01/2010
- 1 -
America votes in 2008Ingrid E. Patrick01/07/2008
- 2 -
Back homeRachida Zoubid03/08/2013
BELIEFUwe Bernd04/18/2008
Better FutureJan Wendler03/22/2016
California 1969Oliver Zajonz01/02/2011
Carla the Sand WitchMarc Backhaus09/19/2013
- 1 -
Fin de affiliation*en Kommunistische Partei Autriche 30.1.11Irina Valtscheva01/30/2008
God of GodlessMichael A. Fischer03/10/2010
Healing AbuseIngrid E. Patrick12/26/2010
- 2 -
HOPE - HOFFNUNGIngrid E. Patrick11/18/2010
- 2 -
I feel lonelyIngrid E. Patrick07/21/2008
- 3 -
IcelandHilke Lieberth02/21/2008
- 1 -
It was a PrivilegeJames Woods09/20/2012
- 1 -
It’s all about the PerspectiveJan Wendler10/16/2015
- 1 -
La bourgeoisie compradorVolodymyr Knyr06/20/2015
March 2008, PalestineIrmgard Schöndorf Welch03/13/2008
mirror mirrorNorman Möschter02/26/2014
- 2 -
Not… More… I am not any more….Nadège Ango-Obiang07/11/2008
Ode to BerlinOliver Baum11/13/2012
On what a baby-kisser aye retailsVolodymyr Knyr12/09/2016
Our HistoryJoe R.05/23/2008
PEACEJens Marquard02/08/2009
- 1 -
Peak SoulNur-Viktoria Ellen Frings02/17/2012
PerspectiveMichael A. Fischer05/22/2013
Porto geeseVolodymyr Knyr01/17/2017
Rancors against BankerJürgen Wagner11/06/2013
- 1 -
RefugeeEdmund Huditz02/02/2009
Talking to MyselfMario Canto01/01/2012
The Sacring Of DarknessNadège Ango-Obiang07/13/2008
The unknown guyNorman Möschter09/12/2014
This World of OursJames Woods03/30/2009
Tribute to Barack ObamaJürgen Wagner10/20/2016

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