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Poems from the category „Philosophical“ (english)

Please choose from 61 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
A closer GodZul Ariffin04/20/2009
- 1 -
A KIND OF IDIOMJens Marquard08/09/2011
A sole and a soulVolodymyr Knyr01/16/2017
A special momentHelga Edelsfeld01/05/2013
- 7 -
About our earthMichael Krause-Blassl07/11/2013
ApologySven Eisenberger01/09/2017
BlessingsSuzan Abrams12/28/2007
Collective consciousLion Kroeze11/20/2009
CONTRASTSJens Marquard06/02/2009
Divine Hugs (Meditation)Bernhard Pappe06/07/2015
- 2 -
Double HelixJoseph Trance06/26/2009
DR. CORNELIA PAUN HEINZEL : “Time“Cornelia Paun10/05/2014
Dream bucket challengeBernhard Pappe06/14/2015
Dreams of ashNadège Ango-Obiang06/19/2011
Dreams, dreams take me awayDelphinne Medabalimi05/02/2011
- 1 -
Enemy InsidePatrick Rabe01/03/2013
- 1 -
fallKlaus Lutz02/10/2009
- 1 -
Food on a trayVolodymyr Knyr01/18/2017
Forbidden EdenVolodymyr Knyr04/24/2016
Full moon's answerKlaus Meier08/12/2011
Garden of Heart!!Kiran Kumar Bollam05/01/2012
Go with meNadège Ango-Obiang07/14/2008
- 1 -
God, Part lllPatrick Rabe04/19/2015
- 1 -
Happy in the rainHelga Edelsfeld07/15/2012
- 2 -
Here and nowPeter Ahlhorn03/06/2014
I find a paradiseJörg Dahlbeck12/27/2011
ImaginationJames Woods09/23/2012
- 1 -
Late remarkKlaus Meier03/04/2014
- 1 -
Life is Just a Moment in TimeDorsey Baker07/11/2011
Liturgy in Cruet I´m a writer and classical musician from NgNichola Okoro02/02/2009
- 1 -
Living the Life of an Old DogDorsey Baker07/01/2011
- 1 -
Love means...Klaus Thomanek05/22/2014
- 2 -
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (1)Jens Marquard12/18/2009
My Wheelchair ThrownRufus Murry Jr04/07/2012
mystic waterNika Baum01/17/2009
- 2 -
No Eye,s To See WithRufus Murry Jr04/03/2012
one minute summerNika Baum02/21/2009
OWL AND TOADRaymond Owen11/29/2014
- 1 -
Philosophical one linersLion Kroeze10/15/2009
Planted DreamsUrsula Tillmann03/28/2011
- 1 -
Progress is ...Rolf Pollberg12/26/2008
- 1 -
ReincarnationLion Kroeze10/30/2009
SONG POETRYJens Marquard12/17/2009
Sorry Morrissey!Sven Eisenberger01/06/2017
Stay and fightKlaus Meier03/23/2014
The BelovedZul Ariffin04/22/2009
The lucky devil and the unlucky oneKarl Wiener10/17/2010
- 1 -
The Magic of a box of sand from St. Thomas MountGeorge Rockwell03/15/2009
The Politic-Free PoemLeah Barker12/13/2008
- 1 -
The RainTammy L C StClair07/20/2009
The truthLion Kroeze11/11/2009
- 1 -
The virginity of lifeVeerle Vanspauwen03/31/2010
The WorkThomas Kreuter03/31/2010
This Thing about HonestyJan Wendler07/15/2015
TimeMichael A. Fischer05/06/2010
Traces for eternityHelga Edelsfeld11/08/2012
- 2 -
UnaffectedMairaj Zindran09/11/2009
WATER, SUN, AIR AND LOVEJens Marquard08/10/2011
Who goes to long restVolodymyr Knyr11/05/2016
Yes, you can!Rolf Pollberg12/24/2008

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