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Poems from the category „War & Peace“ (english)

Please choose from 45 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
American DreamF. N.06/25/2006
Among StrangersNatascha Sifnakis03/09/2005
- 1 -
An air raidVolodymyr Knyr12/17/2016
B E L I E V EMarlene Remen04/22/2015
- 2 -
Band of brothersAnthony Walton07/03/2006
BOSWORTH FIELDRay Boorman11/26/2012
Even to deathManuela Schneider03/12/2007
EXPLA-NATIONSJens Marquard02/07/2009
FINALE BATTLETommy Sarsano08/31/2009
Freedom On the wayBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda10/11/2006
geloeschtVeronika Polke04/16/2006
InheritVadim Pryde01/16/2006
Land of confusionRoland Haus04/12/2007
Life will endIris Feller05/23/2004
LOVE DIDACTICSJoshua Akinwande11/28/2011
Man Of The WarDagny Kraas07/13/2006
MY HUSBAND IS A SOLDIERIngrid E. Patrick03/24/2012
- 4 -
nightsConny Kirsten04/22/2006
No war, no cryStefanie Haertel08/14/2006
Nothing Compares To YouKim Haslam09/29/2009
RainOlivia Chevron10/21/2006
Refugee Children at the AirportIrene Beddies11/12/2012
- 2 -
Rip offConny Kirsten06/01/2006
Saoirse EireannAstrid Droll06/23/2008
Season's greetingsAndreas Galambos12/08/2005
Sniper's EyeSven Reinfrank12/20/2005
- 1 -
Stop ViolenceShweta Kelkar04/06/2009
- 1 -
Strong, stronger, weakestSusanne Bruschke12/12/2009
Sweet DreamsKaroline Goldberg12/30/2006
sword and daggerConny Kirsten03/22/2006
Sworn To The BladeRufus Murry Jr04/01/2012
THE GREATEST GIFTMarlene Remen12/22/2016
The endIris Feller05/22/2004
The GladiatorJames Woods06/22/2004
The nature and the humanity, who survive?Alexandra Vowinkel07/21/2005
The yellow frontlinePierre Heinen10/24/2007
They are shootingNorman Möschter07/16/2014
Three wishesBettina Boston05/16/2011
Today's worldSandra Würdig08/16/2006
Unknown SoldierFelix Kretschmer11/30/2005
WarClaudia Stechmesser07/12/2009
WarmaschineBen Kirch03/03/2006
When you stare at meFranziska Haselwanter05/31/2005
WindJennifer Uhle11/15/2006
- 1 -
WITHDRAWALRichard Rodriguez06/10/2005
- 1 -

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