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Poems from the category „Fantasy“ (english)

Please choose from 58 entrys in this category!

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Title:Author:Online since:Comments:
AliceAnnika Modis07/23/2007
All in my phantasyBernhard Pappe05/28/2014
- 1 -
AmbrosiaJustine Knolle05/20/2005
- 1 -
An Ocean of DreamsSonja Nic Rafferty10/14/2004
As I wroteMeike Schrut06/19/2011
Captain Kirk's BridePetronella Steevensz05/21/2005
Colours and Possibilities - An inner psychedelic songbook (8)Bernhard Pappe12/09/2016
corpus christiSilwe Stoll01/30/2013
Dark RedMaddiie Vali05/08/2014
Drama in the airMeike Schrut01/22/2010
Easter 2010Meike Schrut04/04/2010
- 1 -
EnchantmentIrene Beddies01/20/2012
- 1 -
Fairy GlenJames Woods09/19/2004
Fairy TaleIrene Beddies11/25/2011
Floating Autumn MistSonja Nic Rafferty09/29/2004
Forgotten lookMeike Schrut05/12/2010
Harvest MoonBernhard Pappe11/18/2016
I Asked the WindSonja Nic Rafferty10/04/2004
Innocence and Landscape – An inner psychedelic songbook (6)Bernhard Pappe11/06/2015
- 1 -
Kingdom of the lightRoland Haus04/03/2007
Limerick #2Marc Backhaus02/16/2012
LotosSilwe Stoll09/05/2011
M y f i r s t L o v e ( Songtext ? )Marlene Remen07/17/2013
Magical mystery (funny magic mania)Pradip Gore06/26/2011
Michael arisesRené Marczynski12/17/2006
Mind HotelBernhard Pappe08/29/2015
- 1 -
Mind over MatterRudolf J. Wiemann06/27/2005
MiszelianusMeike Schrut02/21/2010
morpheusHendrik Sollich10/29/2006
My Life of DragonsKitty Hamagochy10/04/2006
Night DancerInge Hornisch05/06/2015
- 1 -
One evening...Ivana Herrmann02/02/2006
OracleNatalie Kurz09/06/2004
Pink Elephants - An inner psychedelic songbook (1)Bernhard Pappe03/06/2015
- 1 -
RainbowJustine Knolle01/19/2005
Reflexion about the angelMeike Schrut09/05/2009
- 2 -
RetrospectSilwe Stoll01/29/2015
Shock and AweRudolf J. Wiemann06/13/2005
SLEEPY HOLLOWAnna Jansen08/04/2012
- 1 -
SwordMike Arnold03/14/2013
TENDER LIVESNikhil Sukumaran10/19/2008
The dragon's introductionChristina Thomas01/23/2013
The fires of hellDirk Schumacher03/02/2009
The Image in the SandJames Woods07/12/2004
The knight and the mirror!Enrique Catalán Salgado09/08/2005
- 1 -
The Lay of the Singing WillowsMaike Bodry09/08/2011
The Magic CarpetIrene Beddies07/10/2013
- 1 -
The Order of the PopicornsMarc Backhaus07/05/2013
The Power of DarknessRamona Benouadah12/19/2016
- 4 -
The rainbowKarl Wiener10/05/2007
THE SECRET GAMERay Boorman02/07/2011
The UnicornVickie Moore10/28/2009
The Vampire Strikes BackSascha Kana08/11/2007
- 1 -
To a Moth - song by the fire (lyrics)Benjamin Tamboer12/08/2005
U AND ME, TOOJens Marquard02/20/2009
Wandering MindBernhard Pappe03/08/2014
Where went his tripMeike Schrut06/11/2010
White SwanInge Hornisch07/20/2008
- 3 -

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