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Short Stories and Novels (english)

Here you may search for short stories, poems and authors on e-Stories.org or on the web:



Childhood (13)Crime (20)
Drugs and Addiction (9)Everyday Life (23)
Experimental (40)Fairy Tales (51)
Fantasy (112)Friendship (9)
General (151)Growing Up (38)
Historical (5)Horror (49)
Humour (185)Life (115)
Love & Romance (81)Mystery (27)
Philosophical (19)Politics & Society (12)
Psychological (18)Remembrance (22)
Satire (14)Science-Fiction (58)
Serial (7)Sorrow (22)
Thoughts (22)Travel Stories / My Home Country (13)
War & Peace (18)

New Short Stories and Novels (english):

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
InfiltrationPsychologicalJaime Yen01/11/2017
The Fifty Cent CoatLifeKaren Sue Foss01/11/2017
The story of my life, Part 6 of 8Everyday LifeJennifer Rawlings10/19/2016
Every cloud has a silver liningPhilosophicalJosé Álvarez09/12/2016
Life - evidence !GeneralAlexander J. Scheuch07/11/2016
Will Kazakhstan's capital become a second Dubai ?Travel Stories / My Home CountryPeter Vyskovsky06/15/2016
The unreliability of intermittenceMysteryEric Jakobs05/13/2016
Cornered by bubblegumGeneralEric Jakobs04/25/2016
hole of the deathLifeKhalid Hassanin03/01/2016
2 0 7 7Science-FictionTilman Otto Wagner02/23/2016
The DateMysteryÁlvaro Mario RIVERO Avilés02/18/2016
Block Top CitySatireJoseph Trance12/01/2015
The green and the red door – a daily decisionLifeBernhard Pappe11/20/2015
- 1 -
TimingLifeBill Piccolo11/02/2015
The forest birds and the lynxFairy TalesJosé Álvarez09/17/2015
- 1 -
The strength of neglectPolitics & SocietyDavid Feranmi09/06/2015
CONDITIONED FREEDOM: the Law of the FutureScience-FictionIvan Petryshyn08/05/2015
The Game of CheckersCrimePeter Schönau07/28/2015
D&D: Acolyte Variant - Adept of the ArcaneFantasyAndré M. Pietroschek07/27/2015
I´m Here About The RoomDrugs and AddictionBlake Lockett07/27/2015
The pirate wolf and the coloured housesFairy TalesJosé Álvarez07/22/2015
- 2 -
MasksPsychologicalMoira Schmitz07/15/2015
ExcitingCrimeJoséphine Fresen07/08/2015
counselorGeneralArun Kurkute06/25/2015
DestinationEveryday LifeNadine Müller03/24/2015

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