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The recent Poems & Stories:

Title Author:
Réactualisation de la fossilisationPatrice Faubert
Oh, what a joy to be alive!Stefanie Haertel
BRUTAL ET ATROCIEUXAntonio Justel Rodriguez
BRUTAL AND ATROCIOUSAntonio Justel Rodriguez
CRUZANDO PUENTESAntonio Justel Rodriguez
MetempsycoseRolph David
SuckerPeter Kröger
The Dragon-Robber - A Lizardman Rogue TaleAndre M. Pietroschek
CRUZANDO PONTESAntonio Justel Rodriguez
Le Ressac D'une Vague AffectiveRolph David
BRUGGEN KRUISENAntonio Justel Rodriguez
Blood Bowl (Warhammer Rugby) - Underdog TaleAndre M. Pietroschek
Un Delire D’AmourRolph David
PONTI CHE ATTRAVERSANOAntonio Justel Rodriguez
So many roadsBodo Mario Woltiri
Beaucoup de bruit pour rien!Rolph David
TRAVERSER LES PONTSAntonio Justel Rodriguez
CROSSING BRIDGESAntonio Justel Rodriguez

Our newest authors - Welcome!

Natascha Schindelmeiser
Birgit Klingebeil
Lenny Löwenstern
Brigitte Humer-Tischler
Amelie Inge
Darth annenBa
Lena Engelbrecht
Alexander Rettig
Martin Apelt
Peter Ritter
Tobias Palm
Irina Butuc
Melina Ebel
Verena Posch
Verena Sifft
Anke Pfistner
Claudia Bauer
Arno Abendschön
Anton Tschig

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Happy new Year!

As we bid farewell to the old year, we wish you a deeply fulfilling New Year filled with joy, good health, and success. May this year bring you abundant happiness, vibrant health, and remarkable achievements. Cheers to a prosperous and beautiful journey in the coming year! (12/29/2023)

Christmas at e-Stories.org

Celebrate the festive season with our collection of Christmas poems and stories! The joy and warmth that Christmas brings is brought to life in our carefully selected poems and heart-warming stories, contributed by authors from around the world. [read more ...] (11/29/2023)