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  • I should start by saying I felt comfortable to use to share my writing ideas, it has taken me a while to feel this way, and there was something about its simplicity and clarity that attracted me.
  • I went to a Roman Catholic Boys School in Birmingham our English Teacher was nicknamed .Catweazle. from the old TV series about the scarecrow. He encouraged me and told me I should write, I won many school awards at school for writing which made me feel proud but unfortunately due to personal circumstances I was not encouraged and it is only recently as an adult that I have begun story writing again.
  • In the interim period I have focussed any and all writing abilities into the song writing arena. I have written several albums under the banner of Andrew Christopher available to hear on
    I am not into egotism although of course all got one and I wanted to put something back into what I do the music website is a music co-operative for several other local bands; I help and assist those bands in the best way I can to make further progress. We are based in Kent where I have lived happily for many years.
  • In-between school and music I had several poems published as part of the Anchor Press poetry series, again like the series was accessible without prejudice to anybody who wanted to have a go at the art form. I like that approach as we know poetry can get a bad press with regards to creative snobbery and over the top gate keeping.
  • I have worked within the mental health profession for thirty years and still thoroughly enjoy my work and value its diversity. I am married with four children, one still at home and 3 grandchildren.
  • My favourite books are .Catcher in the Rye., .Watership Down. and .Saturday Night Sunday Morning. and books of this style and ilk. There is no particular piece of prose or poetry author I follow I tend to keep an open mind and have been affected by the most poignant and powerful pieces often by unknown and contempory writers. I enjoy that aspect of creativity.
  • I am pleased that my first short story .Mr Leneys shed. has been accepted and is available to read on I view this as the hardest first step completed, and I can now kick-back and maybe begin to refind and reinvestigate those writing abilities .Catweazle. used to encourage me to use more of.
  • I look forward to sharing more of my work with you, and of being given the opportunity to enjoy the work of fellow writers on

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Knife08/30/2014 Drugs and Addiction
Mr Leneys shed07/14/2010 Growing Up
Dead Fox07/24/2017 Philosophical
Don't speak with your heart full03/27/2023 Emotions

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