Emmanuel Sibanda (South Africa)

I'm a 19 year old male university student (University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa). I discovered my passion for writting at the age of 16, i actually wrote one book, but could not find a publisher, unfortunately i lost the work (most of it i can still recall and i might decide to write it again in the near future, only this time guided by the wisdom i have gained with time). I'm currently writting another book (not a short story), its a synthesis of a many genres (basically between conscious streaming and mystery) and themes (religion, emotion, reality, illusion and how the truth may not necessarily be reality). I have not decided on a title as yet. I have several other short stories in the pipeline and some already completed.

Deserted is basically a poke at religion and other established belief systems(religion) and how humanity prides itself as the most intelligent species when the truth is our intelligence lies only in our numbers, as individuals we are merely animals seeking to survive in the jungle of our dying planet. There's also a lot of themes encrpted between the text, reading it once does not do the "adventure" any justice because the more times you read it the more you realise thats in not actually a book you can categorize, if you read it front back to front, you could discover a lot more about it, but the fact im trying to put out is we humans always look for an explanation when the truth, or my perceived truth is there is no such thing as an explanation for anything because it all depends on your particular views and what the environment around you has taught your mind.

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