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Little Black Monsters04/26/2007 Sorrow
Tapas in China03/21/2007 General
Frozen Tears - (Lacrimae Durescae)02/02/2007 Life
To Erica (an anagram)12/01/2006 General
Vocabulary11/24/2006 Humour
Brats11/06/2006 Life
Time11/05/2006 General
Lunch11/02/2006 General
When was ...10/27/2006 General
Rebecca10/24/2006 General
Old MacDonald10/23/2006 General
For RE10/21/2006 General
The Apple Pickers09/19/2006 General
Roaming the Land07/06/2006 General
APPLES06/29/2006 Humour
Separation05/24/2006 Life
Waiting for the Waiter04/19/2006 General
Punishment and Penitence04/12/2006 Emotions
Fanmail04/04/2006 Life
Monaco04/03/2006 Life
Rumours03/23/2006 Lovegrief
Undies on Sunday03/22/2006 Humour
En Route03/06/2006 Life
Who else02/16/2006 Life
A Bedtime Story02/08/2006 General
Domestic Desire12/01/2005 General
SOLO09/20/2005 Life
Ton nom09/14/2005 Lovegrief
Prism Prison06/06/2005 General
Ambrosia05/20/2005 Fantasy
The Vet05/12/2005 General
Ode to Reason.04/21/2005 General
Eb en vloed01/26/2005 Life
Sleepless Night01/25/2005 Life
The Sound of Sand01/20/2005 Emotions
A Sea of Sunflowers07/18/2006 Humour
Absence makes the heart grow older06/30/2006 Lovegrief
Anorexia and Alcoholism01/31/2007 Life
Aviation11/03/2006 General
Basically Blue11/20/2006 General
Batty10/22/2006 Humour
Biscotia09/20/2006 General
Changing of the Seasons10/16/2006 General
Confucia04/10/2006 Life
Dancing for Death11/01/2006 General
Death of a Dream10/02/2006 Life
Ecco Me!05/15/2005 Growing Up
Een paar kleine dingen12/03/2008 Everyday Life
Female Eroticism07/14/2006 Love & Romance
Gucci Girl10/03/2006 General
IC REM02/28/2009 Love & Romance
In Hiding02/16/2007 Emotions
INFERNA04/25/2006 General
Letter to God08/09/2006 General
Mother Nurse07/04/2006 Life
Not the End of the World04/26/2005 General
Overgang/Transition04/06/2006 Growing Up
Page 3907/12/2006 Loneliness
Rainbow01/19/2005 Fantasy
SAPPHIRE07/29/2005 Life
The Dream of an Empire07/01/2006 General
The Outing07/10/2006 General
The Waiter04/13/2006 General
Thought-Daughter10/19/2006 Life
Travel Companion08/07/2006 General
Vaarwel03/16/2006 Lovegrief
VISSEN02/22/2005 Life
WISHES05/09/2006 General

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