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Hi, I am Sonali Roy from India. From the very earlier stage(nearly when I was 10 or 12), I started writing- first in my mother tongue(Bengali)-after that I attempted in English. In fact, these attempts were due to the class-tests, which were of various topics.It was not that I wished to be an author, but I wrote for I wanted to write.I never attempted any short story or novel. I am always interested in composing poems;sometimes I attempt essays or articles based on some practical experience,including social,educational,psychological problems.It seems to me that writing is the only way through which I can express my feelings best.Every human being is alone from personal point of view;there is something in everyone's life, which is never disclosed to anyone.In this case, there is nothing to unfold the troubled's heart except writing.Ever so writing proceeds so much the mind gets refreshed.When writing stops,there occurs the mental death- man becomes stony, and this is not the life for 'life',but life for'shallow pretension';this is to escape from 'self', and I am realizing this point more deeply day by day.I always write what my heart says to me. I write for relaxation;at least,there must be one thing for 'myself'.I think there can be nothing more than this for the readers to know about the author.I earnestly request my readers to continue going through my work, and if needed, they must comment on my work.I hope to be encouraged,after all this is my first work which is going to be published.

With regards,

Sonali Roy(M.A. in English)

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First release on 03/21/2010.

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