Poems Drugs and Addiction (english)

Title Author:
After allKlaus Meier
An antialcohol campaign-2Volodymyr Knyr
Before and AfterDevin Salinger
Being youngBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
Champagne and painVolodymyr Knyr
Cloe Goes to RehabFergal Dunne
ContrastTadeusz Bukowski
Deadly DemandsErika Seetzen-Woods
ECSTASYJens Marquard
ExhaleClaudio Micale
Farewell visionJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Food as a sourceVolodymyr Knyr
For A FixAnthony Scalise
I, Me, Me and MineFergal Dunne
lightTomas Schulz
Limerick There was a young lady of FranceBernd-Peter Liegener
Longstreet/ Langstrasse ( Zürich)Marco Werner
METHUSELAHJoshua Akinwande
MIXED DRINKSRichard Rodriguez
Riding On A CarrouselLars Schmitt
Some aleVolodymyr Knyr
Some best aleVolodymyr Knyr
sweet white devilMia Nervosa
That Bottle's ShameKim Haslam
these nights offer five hours of darknessNadine Glink
TrackerRonald Deutschland
Wigs and BottlesErika Seetzen-Woods
Winds of IceTobias Keitel