Short Stories and Novels Thoughts (english)

Title Author:
"Let Them Swim"Dorsey Baker
A letter to youDani Rogers
A Message to ChristiansJoseph Trance
Battle CryJoseph Trance
Combustible MabelDorsey Baker
Convenient Coincidences Osama Bin Laden is finally neutralizedAndr M. Pietroschek
Darkness of FearDorsey Baker
Enlightenment from Jesuss Birth-dateAndrew Tan
He ComesJoseph Trance
IntentionsTetyana Kasima
It Makes No SenseJoseph Trance
Lift The VeilJoseph Trance
Mama I,m Coming HomeRufus Murry Jr
Real LifeFlorian Andrianaivo
ResurrectionJoseph Trance
Right NowJoseph Trance
Somethings Can't be Forced&Somethings Just Can't be AcceptedMikayla Powell
StoneKaren Halloway
Tell Me What You ThinkDani Rogers
The big black beastPrecious Mokwena
The God of You TubeJoseph Trance
The Step-FatherRufus Murry Jr
Walking My Bathroom TilesJoseph Trance
Words of LIFEJoseph Trance