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„Sleepless“ of Bernhard Pappe

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Lieber Bernhard,

es fand im Schäfchenkreisverkehr
der Schäfer keine Ruhe mehr.

So kamen deine Verse in mir an...

Liebe Grüße

Answer by Bernhard Pappe (30.05.2015):
Dear Faro, the shepherd doesn’t turn any longer. :-) A prayer to God that sleepless is not a big issue for me. Kind regards and have a nice weekend. Bernhard

Goslar (

Pictur Author
Hi Bernhard,

very often I could not sleep. Here is my tip for you: Take a deep breath, hold and count to eight. Exhale and count again to eight. Repeat 11 times.
Just see what happens.

Answer by Bernhard Pappe (30.05.2015):
Hi Karl-Heinz, it seems that a lot of people are touched by this. If it will happen to me I will try your method to overcome. Kind regards and have a nice weekend. Bernhard

I Bebe (

Pictur Author
Dear Bernhard,

there sometimes is no remedy for sleeplessness. Counting sheep or drinking coffee, reciting poems or reading something in between often doesn't help.
You simply have to sit (lie!) it out without angry thoughts.

Have a peaceful night this night,

Answer by Bernhard Pappe (30.05.2015):
Dear Irene, I don’t have a problem to fall into Morpheus‘ arms. The words a more inspired by a look outside into a darkness of a very early morning. Kind regards and have a nice weekend. Bernhard

Herr Hansen (

Pictur Author
Marvelous. Great tune.

Answer by Bernhard Pappe (30.05.2015):
Many thanks to you. Have a nice weekend. Bernhard

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