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Pietroschek (

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And, with a proofreading software (web-based & cost free), like grammarly dot com or linguix dot com: I could run this tex thru in less than 2 minutes, fix more than 10 mistakes, and show it to the original author:

"With a telescope, I was able to see stars a few miles away. With a microscope, I saw a universe of living creatures in a drop of pond water. With an amplified microphone I turned a whisper into a shout. With a parabolic listening device, I could hear conversations five hundred feet from me. With a piano, harmonica, guitar, and clarinet I can play joyful and sorrowful music with a myriad of tones, voices, and rhythms.

With a pen and paper, I was able to write down thoughts and feelings, and experiences that I could read years later to remember who I was. With a camera, I could capture the past and present so I could hold them in the future. With devices born of science, I am enhanced. At any time I can be more, see more, hear more, and create more than I am in the present. I don't have to be a captive
of the limited present. With the internet and I- phone I can make contact with others who are alive and awake.

In different time zones, with diverse weather conditions and climates. The possibilities of what I can do, and who I can be at ANY time are...Endless. For I am enhanced. "

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