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Rosekill (

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ok then you spelt a lot of things wrong but over all it was a good story thng. any ways i have your stupid alien story:(your stupid alien story):

When i went out to the parking lot i saw an alien, it ponted at me and then at the sky. all of a sudden i was sucked up from the ground, as i was floating throw the air i realized that i was being sucked up by a tracktor beam. All of a sudden i slammed my head on something hard. the next thing i knew the world went black.
woke up i was on a metal table and rhere were all kinds of needles and tubs hooked up to me. I yanked them out of me and sat up. Suddenly i was face to face with a green skin red bug eyed alien he opened his enormuse mouth and said beeeeee, i didn't know what it said, but all i knew was i had to get out before something bad happened, So, i kept trying to leave, but it never worked. The alien kept speaking in its natural language. It kept on saying, beeeeee. I think it was telling what they were going to do. I looked around to think of something to hit the alien in the head with. All i found was a tube that i know wouldn't hurt if i threw it at him, it was wroth a try though. I quickly took the tube and wacked the alien in the head with it until he was on the ground unconscious. I started to run towards some doors until... I saw what looked like a black marker (pernament too_. I ran back to the almost dead alien and decided his face was too ugly, so i thought that maybe drawing on him would be pay back for abducting me.
when i was done it looked like a horse/dog/cat thingy. I ran towards the door and saw it open. Looked dawn at earth!!! I jumped out finally realizing i didn't have a parachute, and landed dead, flat in the middle of anartica, but some how i flew all the way to new york city the exact parking lot i was at. But still completly dead. Brains everywhere and bones here and there on the asphalt. Head dislocated yuck and all of a sudden i was alive again, suddenlt i saw an alien waving at me, then he was gone.

Tommy i switched some words around and i kinda changed some things to it. So yea, u finally have your alien story thing back. ^.^

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