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Hello Abbey,

I don't understand all - Word by Word- but with the universal language of the Heart I have understand it. You showed the feelings of a soldier and he's no longer such a unknown number, but a father, a brother etc. with a heart and fear. These scene of waiting for the enemy in the dawn with these big silence looking at the foto and remember the words - it makes my heart cry. So many dreams and hopes taken from wonderful mens lying now dead and the truth: All are ONE. Thanks for painting these emotionally pictures before my inner eye.

Take care and all the Best for you

Susanne from Germany

Answer by Abbey Thompson (31.08.2010):
Thankyou very much for your kind words, they have meant alot to me, and made my day so bright! You canno\\\'t imagine the joy you have brought to me in telling me how my words have made you feel, and that you also feel strongly emotional towards the men that fought in these wars. Thankyou so much for these kind words, i won\\\'t forget them in a very long time! Take care also, Abbey from Australia.

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