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Hallo, dear Peggy!
That´s very remarkable, how you compose this short story. I´m from southern germany (Baden-Wuerttemberg--> the home country of Black Forrest and Cuckoo Clocks ;-)) My School English is a little bit halting... more than 25 years ago. I hope you´re interested in some swabian ideas. I apologize myself worse speech and any mistakes now -- Maybe you will not correspond with German writers -- However! ;-))
But this story is so magnificent and I would comment it with some special words of mine! This helpful life advises from Arthur to Joanne by a few e-mail letters are like a sheet anchor!
Perfect for a poor teenager with big school problems! Your writing style is so realistic and can be continued for many other exciting stories -- that´s my opinion! ;-)) I hope you´ll answer to my comment ---> Singapore is not so far away by internet ;-))
Yours sincerly swabian poem writer Jürgen at Friday evening 5.00 p.m c.e.t.

Answer by Peggy PC Lee (14.11.2011):
Hi Jürgen, Thanks very much for your kind comments. Your ideas are more than welcome. Do share with me what other stories you'd like to read as I can get strapped for inspiration! I just posted another one - do check "Closure" out. Link below. =) Peggy

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