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Comments of our readers for the Poem:

„Last Summer“ of Irene Beddies

Read the Poem - or other works and infos about the author Irene Beddies.
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By: /
Ellaberta ( Authors profile09/23/2014Answer
Dear Irene

love so fragile like a spider's web
softly slowly trying one first step
deep inside your souls connect
and your only one you do select !

I loved your poem!

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Christina, isn't such fragile love the most exiting? It leaves space for dreams, hope, speculation and interpretation as you like. And yet it fills you with delight and alters your dayly life. Hugs back Irene (09/25/2014)

Night Sun ( Authors profile09/21/2014Answer
Dear Irene, tender feelings described in a gentle poem. Best regards and a nice sunday, Inge

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Inge, ...I never got to know, if these feelings were real or only a wish. The other person soon afterwards died. That's long, long ago. Thank you for your undestanding words, Irene (09/21/2014)

Alma Brosci (Send E-Mail) Authors profile09/21/2014Answer
You might have ended the poem with the
word "cry" ... but you preferred
"delight" ... which is much more
cheerful und rewarding ... Inge hg

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Inge, I always feel that poems, sad as they may be, always deserve a positive ending. Kindest regards, Irene (09/21/2014)

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