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Comments of our readers for the Poem:

„Hunting“ of Irene Beddies

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Alma Brosci (Send E-Mail) Authors profile08/19/2013Answer
Dear Irene, inspite of your beautiful
poem, the king of mushrooms, is
of course , Macrolepiota procera, it cannot
be overlooked because of its size, but
in Brandenburg most people don't know it, good for us!!!!
And hunting is always successful - weather permitting ...
(-.-) ihg

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Inge, I know very well those mushrooms, but prefer the boletus varieties. In Sweden you don't find many of the macrtolepiota varieties, but around Hamburg we found them often. We ate them like pancakes, the whole mushroom covered in eggyolk. Good hunting to you and special meals! Irene (08/20/2013)

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