Patrick Rabe

The artist

Carl is an artist, he plays with paint
and pretends to be a sinner, but he ain't,
This guy's almost the image of a saint,
and his pictures get sold like picassos.

Mary is the girl he's dreamin' of
he tries to paint her as the universal love.
She tells him: "Baby, lovin' me would be enough!",
but he's mad for her mind, not her body.

Blue, red, orange, yellow - applegreen
turn to a creation on the screen!
Art is playing life and in
some way it's sex to the masses.

His manager, he tells him: "All you draw
is wonderful and precious, maybe more,
but would you be so kind to draw some war?
That theme is on every front page!"

Carl says: "No, sorry, that's not my part.
I'm not doing buisiness, I'm doing art.
I'm trying to be tough, but I am smart,
get another guy or forget it!"

So he's got to start another career,
he writes his memoirs while drinking polish beer.
He sells the "Watchtower" sayin' the end is near,
and his pictures are shown in the louvre.

Patrick Rabe from Hamburg, Germany, 1998. (while visiting an art workshop)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Patrick Rabe.
Published on on 02/09/2014.


The author


Book by Patrick Rabe:


Gottes Zelt: Glaubens- und Liebesgedichte von Patrick Rabe

Die Glaubens-und Liebesgedichte von Patrick Rabe sind mutig, innig, streitbar, vertrauens- und humorvoll, sie klammern auch Zweifel, Anfechtungen und Prüfungen nicht aus, stellen manchmal gewohnte Glaubensmuster auf den Kopf und eröffnen dem Leser den weiten Raum Gottes. Tief und kathartisch sind seine Gedichte von Tod und seelischer Wiederauferstehung, es finden sich Poeme der Suche, des Trostes, der Klage und der Freude. Abgerundet wird das Buch von einigen ungewöhnlichen theologischen Betrachtungen. Kein Happy-Clappy-Lobpreis, sondern ein Buch mit Ecken und Kanten, das einen Blick aufs Christentum eröffnet, der fern konservativer Traditionen liegt.

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