Alfred Hermanni

The epidemic


by Alfred Hermanni 14.02.2014 All rights reserved


We are. We are the collective.

We've been women. The women of one planet.

The women of the earth.

We have had bodies. The bodies of women.

Now we are we.

Released from our bodies.

Released from the compulsions of our bodies.

WE are together.

WE feel together.

WE are who WE are.




Long, long ago...


It was a beautiful evening as I walked along the beach of the Baltic Sea.

The air was pleasant warm and the sun was near to touch the horizon.

It would be an amazing sunset. The sea was glimmering and the sky was colored in red orange light of the setting, red glowing sun.

A few yards in front of me a rock rose up out of the sand, exactly at the waterline and invited to have a little break. So I sat down and enjoyed the marvelous view of the evening twilight.

And then sadness overwhelmed me again. The mourning over my husband. The mourning over my little son. Both died in a terrible accident.

I couldn't hold back the tears, and I didn’t even want to .

I began to cry and laid my hands on my face. Soon they got wet and I started breathing heavily. Slowly the my sorrow vanished and I wiped away my tears.

But the pictures didn't leave me. The picture of my dead husband. The picture of my dead little son. The picture of the rescuer who pulled me out of the destroyed car.

The pictures of the caskets, which are buried deep in the soil.

They follow me everywhere, these pictures.

My friends and family advised me to release myself.

It was really true, I knew, but it was not easy to let go, since I was pursued by these pictures.

Whenever I was awake, before I fell asleep, in my dreams, always I was haunted by these pictures.

And also here and now.

The sun touched the horizon and I forced myself to look over there to forget these terrible pictures.


And then I became aware of something. A bright shining point at the sky.

A star, I thought. But it moved into my direction, getting brighter and brighter.

It was fast, very fast, unbelievable fast. I heard a piercing, shrill screech coming from this racing unknown object.

With a dull impact, it crashed hundred yards away on the ground and a fountain of sand ejected into the air.

I looked around to see if other people took notice. But I was alone.

Slowly I went to the place of impact and looked into the small crater.

Something inside was sparkling and glittering. It looked like a crystal, with the size of a peanut.


I let me down on my knees and put my hand carefully into the crater.

Nearer and nearer my hand came to the crystal.

I didn't feel any heat. Shortly I touched the crystal with my fingertips.

It was cold and so I took it in my hand. It was a really beautiful crystal. It gleamed in all colors of the rainbow, as it laid there in my hand.

And then, all happened so quickly.

The crystal melted to a liquid. One second later the liquid penetrated the skin of my hand. An extremely cold feeling began to pulse in my hand, in my arm and spread all over my body. But only for a short while. Then the chill made place for a warm, pleasant feeling which filled my complete body.

What kind of effect was this? I asked myself and shook my head.

Hopefully not a germ, or an unknown illness.

I decided to speak with my medical doctor, when I will be back home again.

But first I want to enjoy the next days, as best as possible in my state of being.

I walked along the beach back to my hotel. I nearly reached it when a young couple crossed my way.

We said hello and passed by. Unpleasantly I felt the look of the young man and a decent emotion was coming out of him towards me.

Gorgeous slut, he whispered. I turned around, but the couple was walking along the beach and the young guy didn't look at me. Then he took his girlfriend in his arms and kissed her.

Strange, very strange, I thought. I was sure to hear him whispering. This must be an illusion.

A few minutes later I reached the hotel. The man at the reception greeted politely and wished me a good night.

And again I felt hidden emotions and his quiet whispering.

I'll fuck you too, he said.

I turned my head but saw him just working at his computer.

„Did you say anything?“, I asked him.

„Oh no, nothing“, he answered with a flushing face like having been caught out.





I awoke early in the morning and got up. Back from the toilet I put on my clothes. I looked at my watch and recognized that there were fifteen minutes left until breakfast.

So I went on the balcony to smoke a cigarette.

One day I have to stop smoking, I thought.

Suddenly I had a strong emotion, coming from deep inside and the strong will to fight this addiction.

I didn't light the cigarette and only sat on the balcony. Not one thought about a cigarette or smoking returned while looking at the beautiful morning sky.

Then it was time for breakfast and I went to the restaurant.

The staff was very eager and served a delicious meal. They were very kind and made a really good job.

More and more guests came in and took place at their tables.

Ten minutes later the restaurant was completely full.

And then the chaos began.

A constant whispering and mumbling, filled up with obscene emotions invaded my spirit.

I looked around but no one took notice of me.

I saw a man sitting at his table, chewing listless. His wife beside him, a big, fat and ugly lady, took a toast with a thick slice of ham into her mouth.

She chewed one time and the toast vanished into the abyss of her deep throat.

With this pretty lady I would like to... the man said and looked to me.

„Sorry, what did you say?“, I directly asked.

„Excuse me, what should I've said? You must be wrong“, he answered.

What a fucking whore“, he whispered while eating.

Inside I became more and more despaired.

What kind of strange...imagination do I have? Am I going crazy? Am I going slowly but surely mad?

But then Eve interrupted my thoughts. I got to know her a few days before.

I stood up and we kissed each other on our cheek.

„Hi Eve. Please take a seat.“

„Hi Katrin, how are you?“

I didn't want to tell her about my strange...imaginations and answered

only: „Thanks, I'm fine. Everything is perfect.“

She didn’t know about the death of my family and anything. I still wasn't ready to talk about it.

Eve had a cup of coffee and started with her breakfast.

Suddenly she looked around and I could see a confused expression on her face.

„Did you hear that?“, she asked me.

„What should I've heard?“, I asked back, assuming what happened.

„One guy said he wants to ….you know what I mean.“

„No, I don't know what you mean“, I answered, but of course, I heard it too.

„I must be wrong“, Eve said quietly.

She sipped her coffee and spitted it out immediately.

Very angry she looked to a man at the table beside ours.

„Who do you think you are? Don't try to say something like that again!“, she shouted out.

„Hello, sorry, but I didn't say anything. Did I say anything, darling?“, the man asked his wife.

„No Charles. You never speak during breakfast, as long as we're married“, his wife answered haughtily.

Eve looked at me and whispered: „But I heard it clearly, Katrin. He invited me into... into his bed.“

Desperate feelings spread inside of me.

What's going on? What happened?

At first I have this... imaginations. Now Eve has these strange imaginations.

Am I sure that I'm awake? Do I dream? Am I going crazy?

I excused me, stood up in order to go to my room.

I noticed all the obscene looks on my butt and I felt them even as I was alone in the elevator.

Back in my room, I put all my clothes together. I didn't want to stay any longer. I just wanted to go home.






The way back home in the train it was the hell.

Every man who looked at me, stripped off my clothes in his minds.

A constant whispering with sexual moods and emotions filled my spirit.

They wanna fuck me, they wanna get a blow job, they wanna kiss French manner. Someone saw me naked. Other saw me tied up, helpless. Some of them wanted to rape me. It was terrible.

It was the hell.

It didn't stop until I arrived tired and exhausted in Dortmund, my hometown.

I went to the next taxi. Just as I opened the door, perverted pictures of a

sex orgy invaded my consciousness. Totally frightened I stepped back, my luggage crashed on the ground. Very quickly I went to the second taxi.

A young lady was waiting and glad, that I took her taxi.

As we arrived at my home, I payed the bill and accidentally touched the young lady’s hand.

Outside the car a man passed by.

The young lady opened the window and screamed: „Don't dare to say that again, you bloody bastard! Fuck yourself, asshole! Damned! Man! Always the same!“

She too. Me at first, then Eve and now this young lady. What happens here?

I decided to talk with my psychologist as soon as possible.

After the accident of my family she took care of me with all her sympathy.

She is a competent expert and I completely trust her.




Unfortunately, I didn't have a date. Since I told her that it is very urgent, she was ready to meet me in the afternoon.

As I entered her office, I avoided any physical contact.

And so I told her about the little meteor, or whatever it was, about the voices in my brain … the whole story.

She didn't believe anything. I could see it on her face. Obviously she thought that I have hallucinations. She explained me a lot about psychosis, to be in state of a shock and so on.

But I knew it better.

So I touched her hand. Astonished she looked at me, but she didn't say any word.

In the waiting room sat a young man, waiting for his appointment.

I requested her to ask the young man to come in.

So she did, and in the moment the young man entered the office, I saw her open her mouth, in order to shout. But immediately she closed it and looked puzzled at me.

„What was this? I heard him clearly speaking even though he didn't say anything?“, she asked me about all the other people.





The years went by. On television, in the newspapers, internet and journals the significant high suicide rate of women has been discussed. No man had any explanation, only the women. Men didn't understand anything. Nothing they could explain.

But at least there was only one: Men couldn't ignore the „infected“ women any longer. No lies anymore. But this „infection“only worked with women.

Not one man was affected by this „infection“. Men could only lie to themselves or other men.

And so the epidemic could spread all over the world.

Nearly ten years later, not even one woman could be found without telepathic abilities.

Every woman could read the minds of men. But strange enough, not the minds of other women.

And one more effect occurred with the epidemic. Women didn't become older.

All the new born girls inherited this abilities, which began to develop when entering puberty.

Hundred years later, I looked as young as I've been when the crystal crashed on earth, the political and economic power completely was in the hands of women.

And we got stronger.

In alliance with more women our abilities developed proportional.

And the healing of the planet earth began.

The environmental pollution decreased rapidly.

No third world anymore.

All men were equal. To take advantage from poor people was history.

No more wars.

Finally the money could be invested in knowledge and progress instead of new and more deadly weapons.

The planet Mars was settled by humans.

On the Moon it was already done.

And then the time was right to decide.






We knew it since a long time. It slumbered inside of us. The rise up to higher mental spheres. Only one decision remained.

To do it or not.

A lot of discussions followed, talking without end but at least it was predetermined.

The evolution to a spiritual entity. An entity which no one could think about before.

The mental fusion to a collective.

The absolute freedom.

And so it happened.






Released from all physical compulsions we are gliding through time and space. The universe doesn't have any limit for us. We saw other civilizations in their development. We observed their existence, we watched them disappear.

We saw their self- destroying without ever knowing about other kind of existence.

Time doesn’t mean anything for us.

We are who we are.

The collective of women.



The end


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Alfred Hermanni.
Published on on 02/14/2014.


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