Bernhard Pappe

The winner takes it all (About a band contest)

An empty stage
But there is life behind
A lot of musicians there
Excited about the night
Bands will play their best show ever
The first band enters the stage
Carrying their instruments
Guitars and drums
Punk night equipment
Has to be checked
The right vibes
The right beats
The colour of a voice
The sound seems good
Ready for the night
Band on the run
Sound waves splashing in the room
Drumbeats roaring
Guitar vibrations guiding lyrics
Lyrics describing moods
The last song is performed
A goodbye and the set is over

A break
The show goes on
A new band
The same prayers for a good performance
The same wishes for stirring up the audience
The same hopes impressing the jury deeply
Swinging dance in front of the stage
Beads of sweat
Bare torsos
Grooving sound
Rhythm of the night conquers all
Nobody is untouched
Clapping hands rise up into a hot room
Great handmade music
At the end it is a contest
Crackling tension lies in the air
The winner is…
One band is now in heaven for days
Jubilation and congratulations
Smallest giant on earth now
The strain is over in a hot spring night

© BPa / 04-2014

The winner is “The Mitch Buchannons” - On stage at “Resonanzwerk”




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Bernhard Pappe.
Published on on 04/28/2014.


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