John Edmonds


 It doesn't matter why they were here,
it doesn't matter how they got here.
But here they were standing hand in hand at the edge of the ocean watching the Moon turn the waves Silver.
"I'm just a throwaway to you aren't I?" She said.
He looked at her, that green dress and the Moon illuminating her skin.
"No you are not."
"Jus tonight, then you are gone." She said.
"No, I would follow you anywhere."
"Prove it." She said.
She handed him a feather, and with a splash she was gone.
Over the years he caught up to her once in a while, and they would share a wonderful night.
In the morning she was gone again, another feather on her pillow.
A different feather each time but always the same message,
"I have flown, fly after me."  



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of John Edmonds.
Published on on 08/08/2014.


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