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don't remember,
exactly when I heard a mesmerizing sound in the middle of the night.
and it was trying to communicating with me.
"hello! hello! dear, I am also suffering as much as you suffer. from problem of 'noise pollution'"
"excuse me! with whom I am communicating with?
a mesmerizing sound which I never heard up to now?"
"according to  you and be exact in your words, 'omnipotent' 'omnipresent' 'god'"
impulsively my hand moved to pinch myself.
and a mesmerizing sound said, "don't pinch yourself just believe yourself."
so, I obeyed his command. started listening what he wanted to convey me. and I have decided to behave like a counselor.
I said, "okay!"
a mesmerizing sound said, "when ever there is birthday-party, turmeric-ceremony, marriage-ceremony, housewarming so many festivals list will go on. but they will play loud D.J. music. same songs every time. and the worst part that during more than dance they are engage with boozing. can you make out by playing songs which ceremony they are involved?"
since this was exactly my pain. I said, no, I can't. but this is just very disgusting!
a mesmerizing sound said, "this was your suffering. now listen and understand my suffering and point of view."
I said,"yeah!"
a mesmerizing sound said, "everybody shouting  calling and chanting my name now and every time. they are praying to me their prayer contains 'asking mor wealth, glamour, fame, strength, success, blessings and list goes on'
'complaints, this is highly wrong. why so on so got this much and I did not. he/she is very cruel in nature. injustice done to me. and list goes on.'
'asking for forgive, to same crime again and again which they have committed.'
I am very much fed up. this unnecessary noise pollution. this type of noise pollution you cannot feel. you see. some says, I am only one. some says I am many. and some say I am none null."
I promptly said, "you are omnipresent! you are even exists in none null."
a mesmerizing sound said, "exactly, this is the biggest problem I am facing along with noise pollution."
I said, "bit mor explanation please!"
a mesmerizing sound said, "if I am omnipresent then why they are constructing very expensive places for me? and why they are fighting in name of my place, amongst them? that is also destroying my own creation of this universe. this is unbearable pain. I am just ventilating my feelings to you."
I said, "yeah true."
a mesmerizing sound said, "you human beings made rule after 10 PM to 6 AM have disallowed any kind of noise. and after that there is limitation for noise level. yes! it may not be implemented strictly. but there is acts. sadly, nothing for me to control a noise pollution."
I said, "yes I can understand it.
but you are omnipotent  all powerful."
a mesmerizing sound  said, "everybody  are busy with praying, calling shouting chanting my name. so much so that they have forgotten to listen to me. I am trying to speak to them. I want to tell them. that "'help each other' altruistically, do good acts, perform kindness and communicate with your fellow beings. see the wonder, prayers will be ansered. almost all your problems will be solved there itself." automatically I'll be free from noise pollution. but they are uttering and uttering. hence they became deaf. they have two ears. and one tongue.  they are using tongue more than their two ears. hence they intentionally wants to be deaf."
I said, "is there I can do something for you. I mean you are almighty omnipotent! I am too small to offer  help"
a mesmerizing sound said, " I know you can't help me out. but you have listen to me that is very worth and favourable work done to me. I am relieved very much. thanks! you are a good counselor!
 --Arun Kurkute.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Arun Kurkute.
Published on on 06/25/2015.


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