Ivan Petryshyn

CONDITIONED FREEDOM: the Law of the Future

(a science-fiction Absolute Freedom Law)
by Ivan Petryshyn
The society of the Urukurumba, in 2099, was thinking long  how to measure the Freedom and the Liberty.
The Urukurumba Social Sciences Academy came to the conclusion that:
1.Liberty is being freed of slavery, and is its opposition. So, Liberty is 100% - no more slavery.
2.Freedom is always conditioned, but limited, for each person – differently.
3.Freedom is limited by time, money, resources, taxes, space, conveniences, temperature, speed, assignments, jobs, studies…
4.Thus, Freedom is conditioned.
5.If the Freedom were not conditioned, then, there wouldn’t be so many lawyers who condition it by the Law.
The researchers came to the conclusions:
1.Freedom is conditioned by Money: you get the portion of Freedom which is worth the money you get to satisfy your Freedom-longing needs. If  you get 3000 Urukumbian pieces, your Freedom is Quotient No. 3. If 2000 – QN 2, if 1000 – QN 1, if 500 – QN 0.5. those who have less than QN2, need dotations to secure the level of Freedom is safeguarded. The freedom you get from your money is deducted for 1. Rent; 2. Transportation; 3. Food; 4. Bills; 5. Medical needs; 6. Educational needs; 7. Clothing;
8. Memberships; 9. Hobbies.
The Ukum. SSA, then, came to the conclusion that your QN is being diminished respectfully: - 500 UP, - 120 UP,  - 230 UP, - 30UP, -20 UP, - 20UP, - 60 UP, - 10 UP- (varies)-
All in all, the additional Freedom-diminishing factors might degrade your QN up to – 990 UP, which, if you are QN 1, will give you AF of + 10 UP only.
We came to the conclusion that the citizens are, by that, unequal, and decided to reimburse the lost AF QN planning it every month: if you are left with +10 UP pieces only, we, by the 30th every month reimburse you 920 UP, as you have spent them for job/society –related purposes. Thus, you will regain your AF up to 85%. THE UKUM. SSA ACCEPTS THE PLANNED PERSONAL FREEDOM BALANCES THROUGOUT THE YEAR TO ENSURE THE SAFEGUARDING OF THE AF OF EACH CITIZEN.
2.Freedom can be calculated by percents. If you enjoy Absolute Freedom, your Freedom  is  100%. If you work, let us say, 5 days 8 hours a day, your personal freedom (AF)  is 16hrs – 8 hrs = 8 hrs daily, 50% . Do not forget, that you also drive or ride a transportation to get to/from work. Let’s say, 2 hrs daily. So your AF = - 12.5%. thus your real freedom (RF) = 50%-12.5% = 37.5% daily.  You get more freedom (the Rewarding Freedom) during your vacations and on weekends. Only the monetary reimbursement of the AF is possible, as time is irreversible. (see paragraph 1).
3.Paying taxes, 20% approximately, you lose your AF by 2o%. That amount is reimbursed by Dec. 25th, each year.
When shopping, only CCs or DCs are accepted: the special tax-accumulating  balances are formed in the bank statements, which are reimbursed by the Businesses by April the 15th , each year to re-institute your AF Quote.
Every purchase adds to your AF and, also, makes it less. We have decided that every purchase adds 50% to your AF, from the real value of the good/service you got, due to the fact that the price we pay for any purchase is not its real value.
 There is also a Moral Satisfaction Quotient of your AF, the MSQAF. Which, in fact adds only some 30% to your AF, as it is not measurable and not too durable.
4.The Time-conditioned AF is the amount of AF deducted from your Freedom Active Time, from the 16 hours of being active ( illnesses excluded). (see paragraph 2).
5.Space-conditioned AF (SCAF) : the square feet/meters you occupy for your living needs in comparison to the same age of the same status individual of your sex. If you are 45, and you have 1 room of 2.5 m x 3 m = 7.5 sqm, and another man of the same age has an apartment of 7.5 sqm x 3 = 22.5 sqm, then, your ACAF is only 1/3 of the SCAF of another man. You will have to be reimbursed 700 UP, and he should pay additionally 350 UP, the other 350 be paid by the State, as It allowed such an inequality.
6.Conveniences-conditioned AF (CCAF): if you have only 1 room, no separate bathroom and no separate shower room or a separate kitchen, then, you should be reimbursed 1/3 of the cost you are paying for the rent: + 350 UP, approximately each month, by the 30th to re-institute your CCAF.
7.Temperature-conditioned AF: if the temperature in your room, during summer heat, reaches 90 degrees F, and the normal should be 73 degrees F, so, YOU ARE SUFFERING THE OVERHEATING, the Housing Authorities should pay you off 30 UP monthly for the martyr- hood.
8.Speed-conditioned AF: if you cannot afford the same speed as your co-worker can, for any or no reason, you should be reimbursed the ratio of the speed quotient : if he/she is moving at 60 mph, and you only 30mph, you should be reimbursed half the money you pay for fares, that is 50%, that is 30 UP monthly.
9.Lies-conditioned AF: if anyone lied about you in public, you do NOT have to scandal, but fill-in an end-shift LCAF sheet stating the name of the offender and your feelings and/or your health consequences, and you will be paid additionally 1hr salary from the salary of the offender- the Moral Equality Act of the Absolute Freedom: “anyone has the right to lie but has an obligation to pay for the lie”.
10.Truth-conditioned AF (TCAF): for every Piece of Truth given as evidence or a contradiction to any Lie, the employee can get extra money:  additional extra 1 hr pay upon the completion of the end-shift TCAF application.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Ivan Petryshyn.
Published on e-Stories.org on 08/05/2015.


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