Jürgen Wagner

A Sufi Story

A Master dandled the sick little child
Slowly spoke words so peaceful, mild

Then gave it back to his waiting parents:
"It will recover, please have some patience!"

A doubtful man, he stood nearby:
"That's superstition and a lie!

How can a child with gentle words
get well again and step forwards?"

The master looked at him and said:
"You are a fool and a thickhead!"

The man got angry and turned pink,
He bubbled up: "What do you think ..."

The master interrupted the comrade:
"If such a note can make you mad,

why should good words yet not be able
to heal a child and get it stable?"



Based on a Sufi story:

A Sufi once healed a child who was sick. He repeated some words, then gave the child to his parents and said, "Now he will get well." Someone who did not want to believe this, interjected, "How can it be possible that anyone can be cured by a few repeated words?"
No one expects an angry reply from a gentle Sufi, but now he turned to the man and retorted fiercely: "You don't understand any of this. You are a fool!"
The man felt very insulted. His face reddened and he became very angry. The Sufi only said calmly, "If a word has the power to make you angry, why shouldn't a word also have the power to heal?"


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Bäumen begegnen / Mein Freund, der Baum: Baumgedichte von Jürgen Wagner

Es wächst ein neues Bewusstsein heran, dass Bäume nicht nur Holzlieferanten sind, sondern Lebewesen mit einer Eigenart, einem sozialen Netz und einem inneren Wissen und Fähigkeiten, das wir noch gar nicht kennen. Zusammen mit Bildern und Informationen würdigen die Gedichte die Bäume in ihrer Art und ihrem Wesen und können durchaus eine Brücke der Freundschaft zu ihnen sein.

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