Manlio Fabio Jurado Hernández


The Garden of God
The garden, of God is kindness, is your lucky day, day with more time....... again joyful men play, there are fantastic karmas in you, spend the afternoon more pleasant, a man says: You have the Dominion, guarantee of luck, more clear the truth, joy of young people; You have more time, it is life a rare river, guarantee of the sun rhyme, the elm Breeze is whistling, have shown the old dominions,, have thrown the old ones the only truth.
The one who comes will achieve the signal, enjoy the light, bigger heroes look, the new sign that is in the wind, slow is the wait, there is gala of river, note, lack nostalgia; We saw that the light is in the winds.
Sing, tame the your motive the river is your zone mark, there are great reasons to deserve the light.
Make a day of more party your motive. River of light in your life. The sun came to you, end of all sadness.
You see the sea warriors of the river of light. Forgive people you've got the winds, light guarantee.
Find the faith watching the sun, turn the Earth, however the strong rays, kill the men
The rays of the sun are intense, the arid poles leave. There will be slow saving of a kingdom., turn the Earth..................... earthquake in the land of the king.
A Saint Mary's star will be on Earth......... day of the magical encounters. The earth opens.
The sky will open, prays, prayers of mankind.
The earth will have a light phenomenon. Drought in the fields........... cities.
Ray of light explodes on the planet,............
The last rule of universe is more visible.
It will be the court of Love's end of the love, joy and faith...............
You find knowledge in the land of the Lord...
Chorus of Light is sung by the four famous...
There will be bridges of love among men, because life will be maintained with life, as the planet Burns towards the apocalypse.......
Remember to love these days as the face of God is love. ................
On the way to the apocalypse a Crazy Man rocks and kills the king........... Fortune of men, turn the earth.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Manlio Fabio Jurado Hernández.
Published on on 03/22/2018.


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