Bernhard Pappe

A tough autumn blues (Good day for a dark sun)

Have you ever heart about the grey zone?

It’s a drop zone for all depressions

Harvest lust on the fields of life

Crows strut on foggy grounds

Echoes of their screams fade away in scraps of sad moods

Before bird migration they have last dances on wires

Break on through to the other site

Let’s cut the rock and roll tree

All his leaves are fallen

Hold on

A last grey autumn blues is hanging on

Listen to his sound

Internalize his message

The guitar prays

As tears go by

My dark sun performs a stunning sunset

All things are thought

All things are said

All notes are played

Another song gets on in life

“We live in hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us.”

Hey Paul unchain the song from your yesterday

Open the time bottle

We need all hope we can get to overcome that

Mortality inspires brimming life

A dried up rock and roll tree is greening

Autumn’s merry go round turns faster and faster

Colours and brightness pass my senses

The tough autumn blues waits in the backyard for a next performance

A moment overcomes the next one

A change is still a change endlessly


© BPa / 10-2018


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Bernhard Pappe.
Published on on 10/18/2018.


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