Samoa Rider

The hunt

Let me look into those eyes

Those windows to your restless soul

The only path through your disguise

The only thing you can’t control


Lost prince, who wraps himself in darkness

Just to hide his shining light

But there it is, below the hardness

Sneaking through your eyes so bright


When all parameters are reckoned

Are you my hero or my fall?

Intimidated by the second,

I fear the first still most of all…


There should still be some lives to let

In this game of pain and pleasure

The hunt began, the goal is set

To find the well protected treasure


I should run while I still can

But this is such a tempting task.

So who’s that fascinating man

Behind this contemplating mask?

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samoa Rider.
Published on on 04/02/2019.


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