Karl-Konrad Knooshood

Justice, revisited!


"Justice Restored",

flashes light on the board,

the executor looks so over-bored,

cos he's not overwhelmed,

He's the Lord,

Of the ones supposed to death,

When they sit down on that chair,

Closed-cropped hair,

Wearing a stylish helmet,


"Any famous last words?", he asks,

Smiling smart and kind,

(oh, that's very polite),

"Take your final breath,

(cos) this is gonna bust your chest",

Is his last request,

He's skilled in his tasks,

Knowing, there's no better way to find,

Than this - to recover justice…


A simple situation in the "execution room" or
something, where the electric chair waits for
killers, murderers - to restore justice. A pleading
for death penalty. Cynical, but the executor, whereas
he's experienced and bored doing his job
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Published on e-Stories.org on 10/18/2019.


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