Sven Eisenberger

1985 charted out

Move closer - the power of love!
Frankie, I know him so well.
Easy lover, donīt break my heart, Iīm only 19.
Dancing in the street, into the groove.
Do they know itīs Christmas?
Anyway, I want to know what love is.
Axel F has a good heart.
I got you babe, you are trapped.
Cherish the fact that Iīm your man.
Take on me, I am crazy for you.
Love and pride, you spin me around.
There must be an angel, Kayleigh!
What if I was saving all my love for you?
Solid part-time lover, aka Tarzan boy.
With a view to a kill, youīll never walk alone.
Holding out for a hero is like dancing in the dark.
We are the world, so we donīt need another hero.
Nikita wants money for nothing.
I feel love for everybody who wants to rule the world.
Lean on me said the olī devil called love.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sven Eisenberger.
Published on on 03/26/2020.


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