Annika Grieger

Perfectly wrong

Some would say you’re toxic 

Some would say you‘re sorry 

I say you are perfectly wrong for me 


I hate you, I love you 

No way to run away, come always back to you 

You are perfectly wrong for me 


Everyone is against it 

Against us, against you 

I see why, but I can‘t help it 

You are perfectly wrong for me


Everytime you fuck up 

I‘m there, I forgive you 

I know you, like no one else does 

You know me, like no one else does 

We can‘t run away from each other 

Sometimes I wish I could  


You are perfectly wrong for me 


Everything inside me screams that I should text you 

My head says no 

I should ignore you like you ignored me 

But this can‘t be the way 


We‘re going back and forth 

going in circles 

With Neither of us wanting to commit or to end things 


We are perfectly wrong for each other

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Annika Grieger.
Published on on 12/12/2020.


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