Sergio Lubel

Them and me

Poor creatures half-animal, half-divine;
walking on the edge of eternity;
Balancing shadows hanging
with the invisible rope of the internet cheat;
Counting its power in megatons ...
As for me,
May the Lord forgive me
by understanding that faith and religion are not synonymous;
That true power resides in our self-control, not in controlling others, That law, and justice
they are sometimes on the opposite side of the same mirror,
that we lost the consciousness of realizing, which
is the image and what is the ghost.
that we were born blind
and blind we will die ...
Blessed are those who, accepting their human condition, stopped playing at being gods.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sergio Lubel.
Published on on 05/23/2021.


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