Melina Gittner

A poem for you 2.0

A poem for you, this story to tell
What lies beneath this snow covered shell
A feeling of pain and pure emptiness
Hurts sometimes more and sometimes less
But it's time to share, to let this out
So tired of games that make me shout
That hole inside me I'm trying to fill
Caught their attention, played against my will
Hid my emotions, felt high through the night
Longing for closeness, found darkness not light
Dreamed it over and over, my own fairytale
But once reality hits, I'm living to fail
It's kinda ironic, like a real bad romance
Just waiting for this chance
To proof to myself, that I can do better
Just like I've written in every letter
So tell me, how long does it take
To fill this emptiness, to be awake
Will it take years, will it be never
Maybe just months, or is it forever
What will it be like if this feeling remains
As long as blood runs through my veins
Gotta get back up, gather my strength
What I need is you and less of defense
Remember my dream, the feeling - so real
Am waiting for you, my heart free to steal
So fuck all this darkness and all the above
Fuck all the sadness and also fuck rhymes
This poem ain't perfect but I wrote it for you
Its straight from the heart and its beautiful too!

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Melina Gittner.
Published on on 06/10/2021.


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