Samantha Rhinow


She walked through hellfire before. She knows the deadly flames and doesn’t care about their impact. She looks directly into the sun and can see only clearer. She sleeps through her nightmares waking up with a smile on her face. She unites life and death, smiles and tears. She is the goddess of war and peace, of freedom and force, of liberty and dependence. Insecurities fit her just as much as confidence, the look on her face never really readable between joy and rage. She is what most people call dangerous, a monster made of the cruelty of this world. But despite the ugliness in people, she always tries to look for the best, to hope for the best. She is the best thing that could happen to you and if you don’t cherish her, then you will get to know me. Because it’s everything she deserves. To be cherished.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samantha Rhinow.
Published on on 06/17/2021.


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