Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... in conscious and rhythmic unity of being, in the sharpest and sharpest silence of it,
I want to put in this one and with it the perfect solitude and stillness and see his flames in all three,
touch each other, and, in that total union, hear each other, feel ourselves to be, live in them and with them,
as if they were entities and original lights,
vibrate and accept your sidereal interactions and virgin equations,
 as well as his eyes of clean look with lips and tongues of undefeated words,
as if we were, I insist and say - after infinity and infinity of years and centuries -
innate life, blood and voice of eternity,
for if the mind is eternal, eternal and cosmic beats, it serves and it is the heart;
[... because instant by instant, and strand by strand,
building it on very high peaks of this recondite DNA of the XXI,
- in those, in those of top secret quantum whisper -
certainly the heart keeps guarding and ordering, blow by blow, its deep breath,
in most precious gems, atoms of primitive and most exalted violet,
in its gentle beauty, in its summit or spiritual summit]
... and it is that more, beyond the isolation, loneliness and closure,
- in which absolute silence is and reigns -
even beyond the stupor and carnal terror at death, more, beyond still -
arises mighty and invincible, our compassionate power with his fiery will,
with their tests or trials with which to build or save a soul of an unfading hymn,
that one, that of shields and throws alive at the service of a pulse or pulse of immune frequency,
with which to tread and bravely overcome the serious trances of living, those of intimate silence, those of maximum splendor ...
... therefore could we consciously seal such a digression,
with full zeal for his synthesis:?
because if solitude and stillness are anvils of temper and light of the genius of life,
and the silence gift that, raising our soulful presence, exalts and magnifies it,
Isn't wisdom then I persist and say,
 the higher order, the huge symphony, the immortal and authentic song of the world ...?
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 07/01/2021.


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