Elisa Leschek

Scruffy feet

And I saw you playing gitarre in the middle of your friends under the leaves and flowers of the restaurants garden, in front of the little market. Your eyes were shining, sparkling when we met. Your energy was enlightening everybody around you to shine brighter - to shine as bright as you do. You walk trough the world as this most beautiful star without knowing it - this most beautiful star made out of little crystals in all imaginable colors. 

And your voice, your voice just lets me leave our Mother Earth to a different hemisphere - another world where vibrations turn into colors and colors turn into tones. Tones of connectedness and understanding, tones of passion and heat, tones of depth and ease.  

And tones turn into the language of your soul - a language filled with expression of your journey. A journey as complex and easy as it gets, a journey that sent you to arrive at our crossed pathways - our crossed pathways that turned into one. A pathway build out of our heads and hands. A pathway to our own planet. 

You take me to a place where gravity turns into love. 

You make me feel like nothing and everything matters around us, like the world could fall apart but we could hold it together with our hands - like moon and sun melting into each other to rise up in a brighter and lighter version. 

Your music makes me feel alive and you sound so f*** sexy!

You inspire me, you teach me, you make me laugh like crazy, you see me and you love me more than I could ever imagine. 

When I look into your eyes I can feel the universe surrounding us, holding us close together, setting us free - free to be.

And when you kiss me I can feel a wave of energy and light running trough my veins. Every single cell of my body is celebrating. 

Your kisses give me super power. 

It feels like we met each other for a dance after we haven’t seen each other since a dozen of lifetimes. A dance of eternity and presence that has never existed before. A dance as pure, natural and wild as the ocean itself. A dance of unconditional bonding based on our scruffy feet of wanderers. Scruffy feet that tell stories about our barefootprints - scruffy feet that were meant to walk barefoot together. Let’s dance my beautiful best friend, lover,  travel and soul mate. Let’s dance until the moon set. Let’s dance and sing, mi Amor. 


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Published on e-Stories.org on 07/06/2021.


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