Antonio Justel Rodriguez


[… Ad exemplum: Lehman Brothers or Pandora Papers)

… And they are, they are here… !!!
from among those merchants, the moneychangers and pigeon sellers, have returned;
there is no doubt, they are, today specialized in "hedge funds" and "subprime" mortgages,
derived package builders, pure toxic, corrosive actives
To oppress the world with poison / darkness, poison / risk, poison / fraud
and its aftermath of fear, unemployment and poverty, disease and madness;
They are the ones who occupy the tall skyscrapers and impeccable offices in the cities,
those that by radio waves and in the back of an instant devour states, continents,
and they advance and advance like invisible and terrible monsters in absolute impunity;
… And are often close to judges and ministers, philanthropists and clergymen,
of heads of state and government, luminaries,
social referents and the cream and light of the media,
often adorable and unique, inimitable, these are today's merchants,
money changers and pigeon sellers, enemies of the Christ
and today sweetly called "markets" and "investors", those who attack deficits,
national debts and the future, the peace of the human being, his blood and heart;
... and no one, no one holds them to blame because they are the system, lobbies of this work
or voice of the master demanding and imposing terrors, deregulations, sealed connivance,
ignominies and wars;
They are terrorists and financial hitmen - our own brothers -
the same ones, exactly the same ones that abominate man,
they beautify the stones and dung the temple;
... hitting him and shaking him, there is a cry anchored with rancor and fury in the West
and the problem does not consist of forgiveness, because, sorry, there will be,
but in how, how to use the living sword without damaging the temple or hurting freedom.
[Final sum:
“Ah, look at them, modern merchants no longer beg, they no longer tremble;
... sadly, I attest "]


Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 10/11/2021.


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