Anton Bradinger

night-time dialogue





for children death seems very far

but after reckless youth went by

time suddenly begins to fly

with signs of aging deeply felt



it seems as if the clocks did melt

straight after the first baby cry

black dust and ashes call: you die

man is just a fleeting star




my lovely son my dearest daughter

are clouds afraid turn into rain

are waves afraid to see still water

it´s all designed in the same vein



from leaves to earth from earth to tree

shortly after tree to grass

change everywhere just count to three

forms and figures have to pass




I´m lonely trembling with huge fear

above me the impassive sky

there´s no way out my end seems near

I´m so afraid, don't want to die



all works of humans are in vain

I burst with constant, voiceless cry

my life seems nothing more than pain

all things must pass, please tell me why




there is no loophole and no hiding

need not fear a final end

behind the change soul is abiding

we new begin in God's boon hand



so my darling firmly trust

you´ll find a truth not yet to see

that within this dust to dust

we´ll live, we´ll last, have faith, we´ll be






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anton Bradinger.
Published on on 03/20/2022.


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