Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... and so, like a butterfly without sun or abode, I come to speak of the flower and the dew;
... I said, I quoted the butterfly…?
Because, what will be its brevity, what its beauty, and what the sun that as such lights it…!
¡… Be able to open your hand and take the light and look at it with serenity,
manage to remember her later and call her to be again with the roar of blue power…!
... and is that everything, everything has to excite me in search of the gift I long for?
oh be, don't be afraid and take the time with these few hours left;
go out into the world even if the world kills you that I will go out with you to die,
get out of the fight even though we have to lose these tears
and the roar of the fire grieves us and burns us;
… In the face of the fear of being true, we can only be reborn and recreate eternity;
be mine, go forward and fight, cry out and stir the world, instruct me.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 05/13/2022.


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