Jessica Reinert

Loosing Control

You feel it,

This burning in your soul,

It’s getting out of control.

So many emotions you get,

You don’t know how you should react.

Getting worse and worse,

Only able to watch and feel it growing,

Meanwhile your happiness lowering.

Your isolating,

Can’t feel the beauty of mature waking.

You’re sleeping all days long,

Being trapped in this nightmare all along.

Every day you’re crying,


You feel your souls dying.


Can’t seem to escape what’s inside,

Your lying.

Getting out of control.

Suddenly you feel this rage,

Screaming and shouting at this loving face,

Even hurting in many ways.

You notice.

Why has it come to all of this?

One moment happy the other sad,

All they see is you getting mad.

Realizing you’ve been sick a long time for now,

You manage to scream all your heart out somehow 

Please send help 

Help me release this long destroying painful yelp!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jessica Reinert.
Published on on 05/20/2022.


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