Thomas Dreischhoff




Why does everybodies world still turn

When our world feels like an endless churn

Why are all around us happy still

When every day’s like climbing a hill


How can we ever smile again

When everything divides into now and then

All that was good seems gone and long ago

What lies ahead we don’t seem to want to know


Why can we hardly bear a happy face

Why is it hard seeing someone embrace

Why do I now hate “Have a good day”

Now that all good days have gone away


Why is there nothing to look forward to

Why’s there no end to what we’re going through

Why can we not just turn back time

Return to the days, when our world was fine


We want you back in our arms

So that you feel no pain, no harms

I can’t imagine living without you

Waiting for death is what seems left to do


Then I remember you were always positive

You loved to laugh, you loved to live

You would have wanted us to carry on

Even without you, now that you are gone


Your memory shall give us power

To go through every lonely hour

Until in heaven we finally meet again

And be together happy and forever then

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Thomas Dreischhoff.
Published on on 07/15/2022.


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