Barbara Mewes-Trageser

Luck Is


Luck is, to see double rainbows in the sky,

a helpful person near you, stand by.

Luck is, to walk through a forest in silence,

so to get a good health and balance.


Luck is, to hear the harp‘s lovely melody,

in the morning you feel, as you can fly.

Luck is, if you can play the piano wunderful

and make people happy and powerful.


Luck is, to listen the birds in holy paradies,

the sound stay in your heart very nice.

Luck is, if an angel is with you on the road,

when it will get cold, you have a coat.


Luck is, if you get time and a smile,

from an unknown person for a while.

Luck is, you are part of your family,

to have great fun, a home and stability.


Luck is, if you live the present of your lifes,

if the sun is shining, or you‘re in crises.

Do the best for yourself and all the others,

life will develop like trees and flowers.


© Barbara Mewes-Trageser



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Barbara Mewes-Trageser.
Published on on 10/07/2022.


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